Goodbye First Amendment

by Al Benson Jr.

Since my computer is now almost out of commission I have no idea as to whether this brief article will ever get posted or not. I hope it will, but one never knows. So here she goes anyway. Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, has released a batch of files showing that the democratic National Committee had conspired with Twitter to suppress information about Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop, the subject of a book called “Laptop From Hell” just before the 2020 election. After two years of the Biden Regime, is anyone really surprised?

Outside of the Clinton Regime in the 1990s, the Biden (really the Obama) Regime has got to be the most corrupt in our history–and yet this corrupt regime is what is running the country–right into the ground–and it is all on purpose.

The criminal conspiracy that comprises the Deep State seems to feel that now is the best time and the best opportunity they have to take this country down and they are not about to pass up the chance. Musk has revealed that internal Twitter files show how Americans First Amendment rights were routinely violated when they chose to expose the corruption-riddled Biden family. Such could not be allowed to happen as it probably would have influenced the 2020 election in Trump’s favor, and so the information pertaining to Hunter and his laptop had to be, and was, suppressed.

This is where we currently are in this country. Biden happily informed us awhile back that our First and Second Amendment rights were not “absolute” which was one amongm his many falsehoods. He toldus that because he and his handlers have plans to try to do away with those rights and they were trying to pave the way to do just that. So keep your eyes peeled for a general assault on the Bill of Rights, and when you begin to see that, start squawking long and loud to your elected representatives and tell them they’d better get busy and protect our God-given rights. If only enough of this will do this it won’t be quite as easy for tjem to steal those rights.

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