Biden’s War On The Middle Class

by Al Benson Jr.

I watched Tucker Carlson on Fox News just the other night and his subject was what the Biden Regime had done to the middle class. It seems that just about everything Biden does, supposedly to help our national situation, ends up making that situation even worse, especially on the middle class. To those that follow all this with discernment it is quite evident that Biden’s efforts are directly aimed at the destruction of the middle class. In these efforts he proves himself to be little more than a compliant little socialist cog in Obama’s effort to “fundamentally transform the United States” from a somewhat free country into just another socialist vehicle to promote the New World Order. It should be evident that Biden is merely following the instructions of King Barack the First.

One of the mainstays in the Marxist agenda is the destruction of private property, followed by the destruction of the family, the destruction of our First and Second Amendment rights. In all of this Obama has followed the Marxist program and Biden has followed willingly in his socialist footsteps. The newscasters don’t always deal with what is going on in those terms, not even on Fox News, but maybe they should.

Biden’s attack on fossil fuels has put lots of folks in the middle class out of work and he claims he will continue this attack for the sake of “climate change” which is little more than another bucket of ideological swill designed to destroy the middle class. And now, with winter coming on, look for another push to more restrictions on folks in order to combat the Chinese Virus aka as Covid 19. The feds will tell us we need to go back to wearing those foolish masks 48 hours a day, including our time spent in bed and they will again attempt to push more of their magic vaccine on us, even though half the people getting Covid have already been vaccinated. The entire Covid 19 scam has begun to smell more and more like a scheme to enrich the drug companies and exert more federal control over our lives while lying to us about what they are really doing to us, instead of for us.

In order to socialism to succeed you cannot have a free people and so you have to try to gull the population with huge amounts of leftist propaganda posing as “news.” The socialists have a compliant “news” media ever ready to do that and they have a compliant public education system ever ready to peddle false history to our children so they will never learn the real truth about our history and heritage. How many has it occurred to that our country is in the grip of an anti-Christ conspiracy that has been a


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