Hillary And Hunter

by Al Benson Jr.

Republicans are threatening to subpoena Hunter Biden over the evidence on his infamous laptop once they get into office in the House. How much do you want to bet it will never happen? I watched Fox News tonight and some of their commentators are saying the House should just get on with the business of trying to fix the economy and not worry about all these investigations they have promised to conduct. Surprise, surprise.

I find it interesting that they can manage to investigate every trumped-up charge extant regarding Donald Trump, but to investigate some well-known Democrat for some of his or her well known chicanery is just out of the question. Hunter Biden is going to be another Hillary Clinton when it comes to expecting him to pay for his misdeeds. It will probably never happen in this life. Hillary has been pulling questionable stuff for decades now and has yet to be called on the carpet for it–those 33,000 scrubbed emails being one stunt she got by with. I expect Hunter and his laptop will be in the same ballpark.

To say we have a two-tiered system of justice in this country is but to state the obvious. What you and I would be thrown in the slammer for, Hillary, Hunter, and their establishment friends get a free pass for. What is a major crime for us peons is normal every day behavior for them with no questions asked. If they get caught doing something highly illegal and it gets noticed, why that’s only a “right-wing conspiracy theory.” Nothing to see there at all. Until the public at large gets fed up with the double standard nothing is going to change.

Sorry for the short articles right now but my computer is working at about 25% efficiency. I am hoping for a replacement shortly but it hasn’t happened yet.


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