Poor Unliked Barack Obama

by Al Benson Jr.

There was a clip on Fox News tonight (11/18) showing Barack Obama complaining because people don’t seem to like him and he can’t figure out why. This guy is supposed to be retired, so why doesn’t he just keep quiet and sit down? Well, in reality, he can’t just sit down and be silent because he he is one of the main people calling the shots for the Biden/Obama administration. He is notably thin-skinned for all of that and is somewhat the narcissist that Trump’s adversaries claim Trump is.

As for why so many dislike Obama, there are several reasons. One is that he has a giant prediliction for stretching the truth (if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor) (unless we say you can’t). Another reason many don’t like him is that he is a thorough-going socialist, most probably a Marxist.

This is going to be a short article because the computer is still giving me major problems. However, any who want to check out Obama’s Red credentials should try to get the book “Radical in Chief” by Stanley Kurtz. It may still be available at Amazon if it hasn’t been censored by now. I bought a used copy at Books a Million a few years back it it was one of the best investments I made. I recommend it if you can still get it. It went into Obama’s radical socialist background right back to his childhood. Given the upbringing he had, he could not have been any different than what he turned out to be.

Don’t let anyone tell you Obama has nothing to do with the Biden administration. He is one of the major players there calling the shots, unofficially of course. Biden is his official sock puppet. The question then arises, who is Obama the sock puppet for? Somewhere, buried within the Deep State are the people Obama works for. He is but one more cog in the wheel of socialist One World Government. His continued complaints about not being liked (socialist liars are seldom liked) might just indicate to his bosses that he could be a weak link in the socialist New World Order and that once the One Worlders are finished with him he will be tossed out on the ash heap of history. Then he will really have so ething to complain about.


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