Did Bill Gates Buy The 2022 Midterms?

by Al Benson Jr.

My computer was in the shop for repairs for an entire month and is still not working properly. I guess that means I need another computer. But let me do what I can here for now and see how it goes.

The midterms are now almost history except for those states which do not have all their vote tallies in yet. In Nevada and Arizona we may have a vote tally in sometime before Christmas, which gives the socialist Democrats lots of time to play around with the vote totals. And you can bet in those states that have to have run-off elections they will be playing around.

On that happy note, a good friend up in the Midwest sent me an article back in October when ny computer was srill down about how Bill Gates was passing money around to Republican candidates before the election. He sent me a copy of an article by Pamela Geller from October 2nd where she gave a list of congressional Republicans who had been funded by Bill Gates. Some of you may have seen this. Some of the names surprised me and got my attention. They were: Rep. Dan Crenshaw from Texas; Rep, Elise Stefanik fromNew York; Sen.Mike Crapo from Idaho; Sen John Cornyn from Texas; Sen, Mike Braun from Indiana; Sen. John Thune from South Dakota; Sen Marco Rubio from Florida; and Senaors Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy from Louisiana. There were more, but these are the ones that jumped out at me as I read. Some of these folks are purported to be staunch conservatives.So why is Bill Gates, an avowed internationalist, sending these folks campaign contributions? I guess inquiring minds would like to know.

Along with Geller’s article was a short article by a Troy Smith, who is associated with something called Launch Liberty, an organization I am not familiar with. Smith noted that Stefanik has taken quite a bit of money from Bill Gates. In fact, Gates had been funding Stefanik for a number of years. Smith asked the question: “Why would someone focused on vaccine mandates and radical climate change be funding top members of the Republican Party?” Good question. Smith’s list of Republicans taking money fro Gates is basically the same as Pamela Gellers list.

Smith concludes: “Is it possible for us to trust a Republican slate rhat is so financially influenced by billionaire Bill Gates? What does it say about the integrity of those in our own party? There is a reason why conservative principles are never actually implemented within our policies. It is because our elections are being purchased,”

That’s a big part of it. However, Mr, Smith should go back and study the history of the Republican Party. Should he do so, he will discover that the Republican Party was founded, aided and abetted, by lleftist radicals in the 1850s and for almost a full century was really THE party of the left. It didn’t “turn” conservative until somewhere in the late 1930s or early 40s.Contrary to what you have been told, the Republican Party has NO conservative roots! Its roots are all RED! They used to call them Red Republicans and that was for good reason.

So it seems the Republicans may yet eke out a victory in the House. But the question stillremains–how many of them have been bought off or in some way compromised so the Deep State can continue to function no matter which party is in control?


5 thoughts on “Did Bill Gates Buy The 2022 Midterms?

  1. Al,

    As always, you are spot on. In fact, I began wondering where 2 Time AG William P Barr got his election information. Then it’s plain as day. George Herbert Walker Bush’s consigliere since 1971 ? So, the story remains the same. Just like The Who’s Song Won’t Get Fooled Again lyrics.

    Meet the new boss,
    Same ad the old boss.

  2. I have NO faith in either party!
    They both lie all the time to get what they want and need! Nothing but puppets anyways!
    My trust is in God!

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