We’ve Been Lied To

by Al Benson Jr.

Much of what we’ve gotten from our “history” books has been wishful myth. Those who are the victors in wars and other world situations get to write the “history” books, in which they make themselves look good and their enemies look bad. The bad things they’ve done are either ignored or swept under the rug while their enemy’s faults are magnified ten-fold.

Arthur R. Thompson, in his book To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments has noted a lot of this sort of thing. He has written: “In the case of the American Civil War the above is the case for both sides of the conflict. Both have rewritten history and set up monuments to some of those best forgotten. Worse, there is too much concentration on the battles and not on the politics and influences on these events.” I’d have to mostly agree with him here. Over the years I’ve noticed that lots has been written about the battles with the real reasons for those battles ignored–and the real reason wasn’t slavery, contrary to what most “history” books tell you.

As for the South rewriting the history, given the Northern proclivity to lie about the reasons for the war, some of that is understandable. Mr. Thompson wrote: “We will concentrate more on the Northern aspects of this U.S. history rather than the Southern, simply because it was the Northern influence that won out and still dominates our thinking today.” This is true. Just turn on your television and watch some movie about the War and you will almost never get a Southern perspective. Same with the movies in the theater. The only movie I can recall in recent years that gave us some Southern perspective was Gods and Generals back in 2003, and even that wasn’t perfect, but at least it tried–much to the chagrin of the movie reviewers who panned it unmercifully.

The conspirators that control most of our telecommunications systems have decreed that the Southern perspective shall have no hearing. According to their thinking, the Southerners were all guilty of treason (they weren’t, but that makes no difference) and that’s all you need to know about it. The victors have spoken and the vanquished only need grovel for a few crumbs of socialist approval. They tell us secession from the Union was treason. The fact that the 13 colonies seceded from Great Britain is a fact you are not supposed to be aware of. After all, Lincoln told us the Union was indestructible and Lincoln wouldn’t lie to us would he? As a matter of fact he would–and did. And the conspirators of his day aided and abetted him–at least until he was no longer useful to them–at which point some of them had him assassinated and created a martyr to beat the South over the head with.

The conspirators in our day are those who seek to control what we see on television, what we read in the newspapers and what’s more who we get to vote for in both parties. These are the promoters and proponents of a socialist one world government, preferably under the control of the United Nations. They play down our historical foundations and our form of government because, although they can’t admit it publicly, they want to see this country gone, to be submerged into one little cog in the wheel of the UN empire.

They and their predecessors have been working on something like that since the 1790s and the main task of the media is to make sure the public remains unaware of it. Your “history” books will not mention it, but John Jay was the head of the New York Committee for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies. Not investigating them but detecting them. So back in that day they knew conspiracies against this country existed. Today, thanks to our “history” books, we’ve lost touch with that reality–and we are the worse off for that. Lord willing, I will deal with more of this as time goes on

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