Conspiracies And Communication

by Al Benson Jr.

One of the purposeful fallacies we have been taught in our day is that there are no such things as political conspiracies. These exist only in the minds of those who engage in shallow thinking while the supposedly intelligent realize they need to pooh-pooh such ideas. Sad to say, this fallacy has worked.

Author Arthur R. Thompson has written about this and made some interesting observations. He noted that “The movements that existed in the early 1800s–aside from religious sects–were socialism, the assault on Masonry, temperance, women’s rights, health, the occult, abolition, Manifest Destiny, atheism, the attack on property rights in general. In all of these they had interlocking leadership.” Think about that fact for a minute. Interlocking leadership in all these areas means you had one small group of people running the whole show for all these groups. Does that kind of thing just “happen” by accident or coincidence? Not really.

Mr. Thompson notes that it sounds unbelievable because “…it flies in the face of everything you have been taught and learned in school–any school.” He then tells us that “The reason for this is that one of the first seats of influence a conspiracy captures –and that is what we are dealing with here–is the information centers: publishing, libraries, media, academia and so forth. Never forget this. The current exception, so far, is the Internet, albeit they are working diligently to control that as well using several tactics to do so, government control being only one of them.” Some of you who use the Internet for research as I do, must surely have noticed how difficult it has become to find information in certain areas. And we are now being told that they want to keep “disinformation” off the Internet–which is merely another way of saying they don’t want opposing viewpoints to show up all that often because opposing viewpoints get people thinking and the last thing they want is a thinking populace.

I’ve watched different news outlets on the internet where all the “newscasters” are mouthing the exact same commentary about a given situation–word for word! You think that kind of thing is an accident? A coincidence? When all the different newscasters use the same speech word for word it is planned that way. It means you are going to be fed the same line of bull no matter which station you watch.

Mr. Thompson noted that “All international organizations are run by socialists or those who desire a one world government. There are glaring examples already of facts that are twisted, omitted and/or obfuscated on the Internet when it comes to historical personalities. If an international control were to be established, that control would be socialist at best since the majority of the countries that would be involved in this type of control are socialist. It would set up a system of censorship far beyond what Americans, both liberal and conservative, can even imagine today. It is hard to ferret out the facts in history today. It would make it nearly impossible tomorrow. It would make the process of the memory hole in George Orwell’s 1984 a reality–a centralized means to control education and thought based on facts that either no longer exist or have been changed to fit the internationalist agenda. One way or another, this initiative would initially be sold under the United Nations auspices.”

Mr. Thompson observed that since the beginning of our country there has always been a big push by those on the left to start newspapers and magazines.
Walter Kennedy and I noticed this when we did research for our book Lincoln’s Marxists. When the Forty-Eighter socialists came over from Europe after their revolts there failed in 1848 one of the first things many of them did here was to establish newspapers that would promote their socialist/communist line. Mr. Thompson told us in his book To the Victors go the Myths and Monuments that “Over the entire history of our country we have seen an increasing consolidation of news sources toward putting them into the hands of one corporation or individual. It has not yet reached this level, but it has reached the point of like-minded corporate heads controlling 90% or more of the news sources. Today a variety of news outlets are used to make it look diverse, but the central theme is never allowed to deviate from a narrow view or interpretation of the news.” Now why do you suppose that is? Could not have anything to do with a conspiracy to control the news could it? Heavens no! Why everyone knows political conspiracies don’t exist! Except where they do!

Mr. Thompson says “People make things happen. Organized people really make things happen. Collectivists organize, they group together. Individualists eschew grouping together, even to save themselves. That’s why individualism has been losing at this point in our history,” Do you suppose there could be a lesson here for us individualists?


3 thoughts on “Conspiracies And Communication

  1. Thanks for reblogging this. People need to be aware of this. And we are losing our voice. Ted Cruz can only be trusted so far and I would not depend on him beyond a certain point. When push comes to shove, he will side with the globalists.

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