UNESCO To Be The New Guide For Religion And Education

by Al Benson Jr.

It is no secret that the United Nations is a prototype for One World Government and that as such it must seek to neutralize any and all attempts at localism, whether it be in education or religion or whatever sphere of activity needs UN “guidance.”

In his book Freedom On The Alter the late William Norman Grigg showed us how UNESCO was working to accomplish this. He said: “According to Julian Huxley, UNESCO’s first Director-General, ‘the world of today is in the process of becoming one, and…a major aim of UNESCO must be to help in the speedy and satisfactory realization of this process.’ Huxley defined the body’s governing philosophy as “a scientific world humanism, global in extent and evolutionary in background. Huxley declared that ‘political unification in some sort of world government will be required for the definitive attainment’ of the next stage in human evolutionary progress.” Doesn’t sound as if Mr. Huxley was any type of Creationist does it? Evolution was the name of his game and the name of the whole UN’s game.

Grigg informed us that: “Furthermore, according to Huxley, UNESCO would assist in the process of ‘values clarification’ on a global level. Because none of the religious traditions were adequate to the needs of a world government, a new world morality would have to be summoned into existence, and it would be UNESCO’s task to do the summoning: ‘It will be one of the major tasks of the philosophy division of UNESCO to stimulate…the quest for a restatement of morality that shall be in harmony with modern knowledge and adapted to the fresh functions imposed on ethics by the world of today.’ Instilling this new world morality in schoolchildren would be UNESCO’s most important task.” He told you a mouthful in this one paragraph.

Because today’s religious faiths, Christianity included, are just not up to dealing with modern morality they will need to be replaced with a new “philosophy” (religion) that will be up to dealing with modern man where he is at (or where the UN wants him to be). And all this spiritual garbage has to be instilled in children, which will be the task of UNESCO!

Mr. Grigg told us that: “The most substantial obstacle to this objective consists of parents who choose to raise their children to appreciate and defend Biblical morality and America’s institutions of constitutional government. Thus it is not surprising that the thrust of the ‘educational’ efforts undertaken by UNESCO and its supporting elites has been to usurp parental prerogatives regarding education in order to mold children into ‘world citizens’.”

So you folks out there that want to give your kids a Christian education, whether it be in a Christian school or a homeschool setting constitute a major obstacle to the UN’s plan for One World Education via UNESCO. That means you need to keep doing what you are doing and teach your children to keep doing it. I have noticed of late several internet articles about how homeschooling is on the increase and how public schools are getting less students. That fact has got to be a thorn in the side of the One World crowd because it throws their agenda off.

What the new homeschoolers need to be able to do is to be discerning enough in their choice of curriculum that they are able to pick up on United Nations propaganda in curriculum and to reject curriculum that promotes it. This may take a bit of effort but it can be done. In the meantime parents who want to independently educate their own kids have got to continue to be an obstacle to UNESCO and the UN’s “educational” (really propaganda) efforts to make their kids “citizens of the world.” Kids’ first citizenship should be in the Kingdom of God, secondly in the country they live in, and “world citizenship” should be way back on the list–what those who follow horseracing call an “also ran.”

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