Get Education Out Of United Nations Indoctrination

by Al Benson Jr.

If you have been reading any of my recent articles you realize that education in this country, both public education and some private education, has long been influenced by the internationalist and New World Order crowd. Those people have a vested interest in making sure children in this country never learn their real and accurate history. If real US history were taught, even to the homeschoolers in sufficient numbers, it might result in enough resistance to the agenda of the One Worlders that their program might be thrown off for generations–and they can’t allow that if it can be avoided.

Ever since 1945 the United Nations has been working to make sure that doesn’t happen. Historian and author Arthur R. Thompson, in his book To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments has noted that: “New programs come along every decade to convince parents and teachers that the latest change will solve the problem of school dropouts, poor test scores, etc. In every case it makes the problem worse because the parents and teachers do not understand the root of the problem they are trying to solve, and they have little or no control over the process since it is now controlled out of Washington, D.C., and the umbilical cord is money. These federal programs are tied into UNESCO, whether it is Race to the Top, School-to-Work, Outcome-based-Education, No Child Left Behind, Common Core, or any other new name. Recently, we have seen test-based education as the basis of money from the federal government. In this system, teachers and administrators have been caught changing test scores to qualify for the funds. An article about Atlanta, Georgia educators being found guilty of such practices in April 2015, said that these conditions may be happening in 40 states.”

The book Freedom On The Alter by William Norman Grigg (now deceased) had some worthwhile commentary about UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization in it. Mr. Grigg told us that: “Founded in London in 1945 UNESCO was both a continuation of and expansion upon the Paris-based International Institute for Intellectual Cooperation, which was affiliated with the League of Nations. The National Education Association (NEA) was also among the earliest advocates of a global school board, and in 1920 the NEA created an International Relations Committee for the purpose of facilitating education for ‘world understanding.’ In 1942, amid an orchestrated euphoria regarding the World War 2 U.S.-Soviet Alliance, NEA head Joy Elmer Morgan penned “The United Peoples of the World” a psalm to world government which was published in the December NEA Journal . According to Morgan ‘To keep the peace and insure justice and opportunity we need certain world agencies such as: A police force, a board of education…'” Did you get that? The NEA wanted a world board of education in order to “…fashion better men for a new life in a democratic society.”

What do you suppose all this “world education” stuff does to local authority? You guessed it–it does away with any such notions because the UN is the world’s school board and you local folks have no say whatever in any of this! And the NEA just loves this, right along with the New World Order crowd. These folks that think they are going to “take back our public schools” are deluding themselves, and maybe you, too, if you listen to them. I’ve said for years that local control of public schools was a myth. What Mr. Grigg has told us here proves it. the public education institution in this country has been thoroughly infiltrated and co-opted and has been for longer than any of us has been alive–and no way are you ever going to get it back Separation from it is the only viable option. Let us pray that more parents begin to figure this out and exercise the secession of their children from it.


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