Let’s Have A Spontaneous Revolution Day After Tomorrow

by Al Benson Jr.

Author and historian Arthur R. Thompson has given us a kind of overview of how these so-called “spontaneous” revolutions in Europe really worked in the mid-1800s. You can rest assured that “spontaneous” they were not!

He noted the increasing flow of German radicals into this country from 1830-1850 particularly after 1848, when the socialist revolts in Europe failed. Mr. Thompson observed that: “The “Communist Manifesto” was written to be used during these revolutions to enlist more people into the communist movement. It was commissioned by the League of the Just in 1847, edited and then published just before the outbreak of the revolutions in February, 1848. The Manifesto’s publication was part of the planning by the League of the Just, another direct descendant of the Illuminati, which fomented the revolutionary period and further demonstrates the falsehood that the revolutions were a spontaneous uprising of the downtrodden.

The Revolution of 1848 was a well-planned event, and they wrote this small book to serve as a guide for all the activists during the upcoming revolution…Modern historians make it seem that the revolutions were simply the uprising of people spontaneously with no real organization behind them. People do not revolt spontaneously across an entire continent involving several countries and governments. People who do not speak to one another because of the differences in language, culture, society, government and the ability to travel, at least at the level we are told the grassroots decided to revolt at the same time.” Mr. Thompson said: “The goals were Illuminist against God and for the establishment of the New World Order.” That’s the exact same New World Order that Bush 1 touted when he was president, which shows you where he was coming from!

By this time, you should realize that communism did not originate with Karl Marx. He was just a transmission belt to pass it along. His name did not even appear on the first edition of “his” Manifesto. Mr. Thompson also noted that: “The idea that communism started with Marx and Engels is to hide the truth that secret societies, the Enlightenment, and particularly the Illuminati and its offshoots were the sires of nearly all our problems in regard to the deterioration of our Republic…The German revolutionaries who after their defeat fled their country to the United States started many newspapers and ingratiated themselves into the political process even before they became citizens. Carl Schurz was looked upon by Americans as the prominent leader of the so-called German vote within the Republican Party…Schurz came to America a couple years after fleeing Baden, Germany, where he was second in command under German communist Friedrich Anneke of a brigade that tried to seize a government arsenal to gain weapons for German revolutionaries in 1848. Anneke was a close associate of Marx and Engels. Anneke’s brother Emil served as the first Republican auditor general for the state of Michigan. After coming to the United States, Schurz, Anneke, and other communists were appointed to high military positions in the Union Army. At least 40 radical German leaders attained the rank of general by appointment or promotion by war’s end.”

You mean to tell me that no one knew who and what these people were? Seems like the Union Army was just waiting for them. But, of course, you realize all this was just “spontaneous” just like the 1848 revolts in Europe were “spontaneous.” Mr. Thompson also noted that: “Both foreign-born and American-born radical general officers were present in the Union army. William Tecumseh Sherman, like so many Union generals, had no problem with communists directly under his command. Infact, according to the book ‘Lincoln’s Marxists’ Sherman was listed in a communist publication as a member of an ‘approved’ list of socialists/communists. Considering his actions both during the war and later, this would fit.”

The Union Army was simply awash with leftist radicals, both foreign and domestic and the federal government had their share also. But there were people on the Southern side that had their problems too. There were too many radicals that wanted us to fight a war we should not have fought–a war that destroyed the South and enthroned socialism as the new norm in the North–and eventually in the South also.

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