We’re Short Of Oil So Biden Sends It To China

by Al Benson Jr.

Many of us have contended that Biden’s unofficial policy has been China first–America last ever since he got into office. That has seemed to be his objective from day one and I have seen nothing to contradict that opinion. He may prattle on about protecting the middle class but he does nothing to help them and everything to hurt them. For those who understand Biden this is no surprise.

So, reading an article on http://www.thenewamerican.com for July 11th entitled “President Biden Sells U.S. Reserve Oil to Chinese Firm Connected to Son” was not a big surprise. It was typical Biden–imminently corruptible and anything for a buck!

The article, written by Steve Byas noted, in part, “Included in the American oil being shipped out of the country during a time of extremely high gasoline prices is nearly one million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a Chinese firm–owned by that country’s communist government–in which Hunter Biden’s equity company held a $1.7 billion stake. The 950,000 barrels sold to Unipec, the trading arm of Sinopec, make up part of the five million barrels of oil exported after President Joe Biden released oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.”

Byas continued: “The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) was created during the administration of Richard Nixon for use in times of national emergency. At the time, the United States was heavily dependent on foreign oil, and it was argued that the SPR could help if those foreign sources were cut off in time of war or other national emergency.”

So, in other words, that oil was to be used to help this country in an emergency. So Biden is “helping” us in this time of high gas prices by sending some of our oil reserves to Red China! Folks, I submit that with “friends” like Biden in the White House–who needs enemies? Supposedly releasing this reserve oil will cut down on gas prices, as Biden realizes the gas prices in this country are killing him politically. But sending our oil to Red China isn’t about to bring our gas prices here down, no matter how much Biden tries to tell you it will. He must really think we are all stupid. And in typical hypocritical fashion he is not above demagoguing local retailers about their high gas prices.

So now, our strategic oil reserve is the lowest it has been since 1986 and apparently the tune about the real purpose of it has changed. The Department of Energy released a statement saying “The SPR remains a critical energy security tool to address global crude oil supply disruptions.” So now instead of helping Americans it is supposed to combat “global supply disruptions.”

Before Biden took office, back when that horrible Trump was in office, we were energy independent and gas was around $2.00 per gallon. Thanks to Biden and his (and Obamas) climate change mania gas is now over $5.00 per gallon in much of the country, with the Biden/Obama regime telling us to all go out and buy electric cars. Yep, sleepy Joe has been a real help to us hasn’t he?

Steve Byas also noted that: “The mainstream media …have chosen not to give much coverage to this aspect of the oil price story, particularly the sale of American oil to a firm wholly owned by the Chinese communist Party. They continue to generally ignore stories related to Biden’s son, Hunter, and the connections Joe Biden has had with his son’s business dealings.” Is anyone really surprised? If this were Trump and one of his sons it would be the top story in mainstream mediadom for the next decade! But because the mainstream media is as corrupt as Biden is they just look the other way. Birds of a feather!

If, by some miracle, we have a somewhere-near-honest election later this year some of this may end, but, given past Democratic socialist efforts in that area, don’t hold your breath!


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