Worldviews Require Action

by Al Benson Jr.

Those who have formed definite worldviews in any area will, at some point, realize that the promotion of their worldview requires a certain amount of action. The communists realize this and labor long and hard to promote their leftist worldview. Most Christians have yet to grasp this. The worldview of many Christians has been to trust the Lord to do it all, therefore, they have to do nothing except go along for the ride. It doesn’t work that way. We have yet to emerge from what I could call “flabby fundamentalism” where the believers have been conditioned to expect the Lord to do it all, relieving them of any responsibility whatever. I don’t refer to all fundamentalist believers when I say that, but to many of them. And you could say the same thing for evangelicals. It seems to me that if you believe something strongly enough you act on it and don’t sit around waiting for the Lord to do it all. I realize that, ultimately, the Lord is doing it all, but He seeks to use His people to accomplish His objectives in many cases.

Anyway, regarding the Textbook controversy in Kanawha County, West Virginia, my wife and I were finally able to get the name of someone in West Virginia so we could really find out what was going on there and not have to depend on the “news” reports. The upshot of that was that, within a year, my family and I were in West Virginia, where we spent the next two years.

In spite of media attempts to suppress the story it did get out and, in fact, made newspapers in many parts of the world. The American “news” media, finally forced to acknowledge the existence of the textbook protest, was almost unanimously on the side of the public school system. Are you really surprised? The next problem for them was how to put the right (or shall I say left) spin on the story to make the public school establishment look good and to paint the protesters as a bunch of ignorant rednecks who didn’t have enough sense to let the educational “experts” indoctrinate their children. Well, the educational “experts” even today are still indoctrinating your children if they are in public school. How is that working out for you? Judging by the jump in numbers of people who are now homeschooling, it aint’ working out real well.

That was the situation when we got to West Virginia. By this time our son was five years old and ready for school. We were able to get him into a Christian school, and he stayed in one, along with our daughter, until they were both in their teens, at which point we saw the need to homeschool them. At no point was the public school ever an option for them.

We could not, in good conscience, subject our children to a public school system that was covertly, if not overtly at that time, anti-Christian. In this day we have long since reached the point where public schools are overtly anti-Christian–and that bias on their part is becoming more and more apparent to more people–and still, most Christians are sitting it out!

When it comes to educating their children, they are “mental mugwumps.” They assiduously sit on the fence with their wumps on one side and their mugs on the other.


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