“The Rise of Homeschooling and Classical Education”

by Al Benson Jr.

I recently saw an aericle on “World” by Adeline A. Allen, who is an associate professor of law at Trinity Law School. She wrote about the dearth of classical education in most schools today, but noted that, in some instances, it is making a comeback.

Allen noted that: “As a child growing up in the 18th century in the caribbean and by no means wealthy, Alexander Hamilton had a number of books. One of which seems to have been Plutarch’s “Lives.” Judging from Hamilton’s writings from his youth onward, Plutarch helped form the man he became. The kind of education that would have students reas Plutarch has long fallen by the wayside in mainstream American schools–but thankfully, not in all schools.”

She then observed how homeschooling has bee on the rise, and since the planned Covid pandemic it has increased to where, in the 2020-2021 academic year statistics showed that11% of rhe kids in this country were being homeschooled. This is an encouraging sign. And she stated that: “And who are these parents who homeschooled their children? Millennials.If Alexander Hamilton grew up lacking in luxuries but blessed with Plutarch, millennials were raised in materially well off America but impovrished in their knowledge of Western heritage and bereft of its inheritance.” And let me say here that this is not by accident. It has been by design.The powers that be do not want our kids to be cognizant of their true history and heritage because that is something they are seeking to destroy so our kids will have no knowledge whatever of it. If our kids have knowledge of their history, heritage and culture then, when the educrats and their bosses seek to take it away from them they may decide to resist that effort. And the educrats can’t have that.

Allen notes that: “Thankfully, there is a renaissance of classical education happening in our country. Some of it occurrs in private and charter schools. Some of it, though, takes place in the living rooms, kitchens, and children’s bedroom floors all across America–that is, in the home, with homeschooling.” And so it would seem that at least some American kids are learning in spite of the educrat’s agenda to keep them ignorantof where they came from and who they really are. She notes also that part of the Western trasition is our Christian heritage–something else the educrats want us to leave behind–which we would do to our peril.

So let us continie to pursue that which the Lord has laid out for us to do and make sure our kids get a good Christian education that we may be able to resist the devil and all his works.

2 thoughts on ““The Rise of Homeschooling and Classical Education”

  1. I am a retired public-school teacher with over 30 years of experience (including 3 as a principal). For over ten years I have administered a nationally normed test to Christian homeschooled high school students. Those students are bright, polite, well-adjusted, and articulate.
    Liberals are very concerned that government schools will lose money and subjects to indoctrinate.

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