So Why???

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, it has been almost a month since the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas and people still don’t have many answers as to why it happened the way it did. It had been long enough now that people are beginning to smell the coverup. They don’t have a lot of details but they know somerthing is not right here. Regardless of what government officials think, people can smell coverups and sense that this is one. I don’t disagree.

An article on for 6/22 by Ilya Tsukanov gave us some interesting comments about this. Tsukanov wrote: “Uvalde officials’ use of a legal loophole to avoid releasing police records, including footage from officers’ body cams, 911 calls from students, emails, criminal records and other information has sparked concerns from Texans and others that authorities are engaged in a cover-up…On Tuesday, Steve McCraw, director of ther Texas Depaertment of Public Safety, said in Senate testimony that the police had enough body armor-equipped officers to ‘isolate, distract and neutralize’ the gunman just three minutes after he entered the school, but instead waited in the hallway for nearly an hour as he carried out his attack.” Now why do you suppose that was? Who told them not to respond and why?

The article continued: “Last week, the San Antonio Express-News reported that the school’s security cam footage showed that officers did not even attempt to open the door to the classrooms where Ramos was situated.” Why? What was the reason for the delay? The article also observed that: “Last week, Vice reported that Uvalde’s ciry administration and police department had hired a law firm to stop the potentially ‘highly embarrassing’ records from being released.” Again, why? What is there in them that the public can’t see?

The article concluded with some commentary about the new gun control bill now in the Senate–the one that 10 Republicans in name only agreed to support. They’re trying to rush it through before the Fourth of July so we can celebrate that day with less personal protection for our families. Oh, they’d deny that vehemently, but that’s what it amounts to.

So who told the police not to respond to this shooter in the school? Was that a decision made at the local level? The state level? The federal level? And why does this shooting so much resemble the false flag operations that were so very prevalent during the Obama years when the big push was on to confiscate our guns? It couldn’t be, by any chance, because the clown that occupies the president’s chair is merely Obam’s puppet could it? Obama didn’t get the gun confiscation he wanted when he was officially president. So is he now shooting for it with his puppet as president?

We have no doubt that Obama is pulling Biden’s strings. The question then remains–who is pulling Obama’s strings? Lots of you probably have this figured out. Those that don’t need to think about it a bit more.Just remember–the destruction of thr Second Amendment is the real name of this game, and the shootings will probably continue until the Deep State folks manage to do that.

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