The Yankee As Control Freak

by Al Benson Jr.

Years ago now Dr. Clyde Wilson wrote am article called The Yankee Problem In America if I recall the title of it correctly. He dealt with the Yankee mindset and pointed to the fact that Hillary Clinton was the quintessential example of a Yankee. I couldn’t agree more. St. Hillary embodies all those qualities that make up what I call the Yankee/Marxist because the two types are so very similar.

Please note here that when I use the term “Yankee” I am not referring to all Northern folks. I grew up in the North and I knew lots of good, solid Northern folks that would never qualify for the term “Yankee” because they did not and do not think like Yankees. I had to be educated to understand this and it took a Southerner to do it.

Years ago I lived in Indiana. At some point while there I began reading the Southern Partisan magazine and noted all the comments about Yankees. At that point, still thinking I was one, even though I was strongly sympathetic to the South, I took offense. When it came time to renew my subscription to that good magazine, I wrote to the editor telling him how much I enjoyed the magazine but that I was not resubscribing due to his comments about Yankees, which I felt even included those Yankees that had strong Southern leanings. Surprisingly, I got an answer back from him. His answer resolved my dilemma. He explained to me that, contrary to my opinion, I was not a Yankee and he told me that his use of that term did not include all folks born in the North. He explained that being a Yankee was referring to a particular mindset rather than where you were born and that “We’ve got plenty of them (Yankees) here in the South too with Southern accents” or something to that effect. It’ has been something over 30 years ago now so I don’t recall his exact words.

Since that time, I have had opportunity to study the Yankee mindset and have come up with some conclusions regarding it. The Yankee, like the Marxist, is a thoroughgoing control freak. He believes that everyone should think like he does and he has small use for those that don’t or won’t. But, even for that, he is not above trying to force them to change their minds. In his eyes thinking differently than he does is a blasphemous act that needs to be corrected, and he will use whatever means are at his disposal to correct that–public education, the mainstream “news” media, or congressional action if necessary.

You see, to the Yankee it is vitally important that you learn to “love Big Brother” and he will leave no stone unturned to make sure you learn to do that. After all, it’s all for “the salvation of the state” and to the Yankee, like the Marxist, the state is the new secular god. It must be worshipped at all costs and the Yankee is there to make sure you understand that–or else!

The Yankee’s theology does not allow for worship of any other “god” but national authority and though he cannot, at this point, force you to stop attending church, not to worry, he is working on ways to discourage that outmoded activity, one of which is forbidding church services during so-called “pandemics.” Then he gets to arrest preachers who will not kowtow to this infringement on their rights. That’s been happening in Canada. Look for it to make its debieu here when the time is right.

Like theMarxist, the Yankee belives solidly that “the ends justify the means.” For the Yankee that means that he has complete authority to lie,cheat, steal and do whatever else it takes to bring you non-Yankees into total compliance with his edixcts and he is not above using any and all of these things to “help” you to comply with his most devout wishes–all of which he assures you are “for your own good and protection.”

As you may have guessed by now, the current Biden/Obama Regime in Washington is the epitome of classical Yankeedom in living action. They mean to totally rule us with the iron fist or ruin the country trying, which may have been their plan all along. One thing the Yankee does not appreciate is opposition–and that may well be one reason to give him as much of it as possible. After all, in the final analysis, with what he has planned, he deserves nothing less than our total resistance to his anti-Christ objectives!


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