Time For A “Homeschool Awakening”

by Al Benson Jr.

There was a good article on https://theblaze.com about homeschooling that was a good follow-up to the one I did yesterday. Actor Kirk Cameron did an interview with the Daily Wire. Cameron said that the time has come for a “homeschool awakening” and that public schools ought to be synonymous with “public enemy No. 1. Cameron’s forthcoming documentary of the same name–Homeschool Awakening–tackles just that exact topic.

Cameron observed that “There are good teachers who are trying to be a light in a dark system” but he insisted that public education has gotten so bad that “it’s doing more grooming for leftist politics than it is education.” This was not quite so obvious decades ago but now it has gotten to the point where it can scarcely be denied.

Children are being deluged with intellectual bilge in public schools. In fact I think we err in still labeling them as public schools. They are, in reality, government indoctrination centers. Real education has little if anything to do with it, and those teachers who are really trying to educate kids are seldom able to do what they originally signed on to do. I’ve known several good teachers over the years and practically all of them left the public school system in utter frustration. I’d love to see dedicated public school teachers be able to find jobs in private schools that would pay them enough to live on, but then, private schools don’t often have access to all the financial largesse that public schools do. Public schools get government cash and government cash means government control.

At any rate, Kirk Cameron’s documentary will be in select theaters on June 13-14. Check out https://www.fathomevents.com to find out about tickets. I hope this film gets a big audience and that people’s eyes will be opened to what public schools are really doing nowadays–and it ain’t education!

Sam Blumenfeld wrote an article on https://campconstitution.net back in 2018 that detailed the real reason for education. Sam said: “Whatever was taught was intended to improve the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes of the students. The community’s basic purpose in education was to pass on to the future generation the knowledge, wisdom, religion and morals of the previous generation. There was no such thing as religious neutrality. The United States was a Christian nation and all agreed that children should be inculcated in the tenets of Christianity. And anyone who went into the education profession knew its spiritual purposes.”

Anyone with half a brain can see how far afield we have strayed from those precepts. Nowadays it seems public education has as its agenda the destruction of any Christian values and replacing them with the tenets of political and theological leftism. The entire system has been turned on its ear and now actively promotes what it should be opposing and condemning. I hope Cameron’s film does wake lots of folks up, but he should be prepared to do battle with the public school educrats because they will not go easily into the night. Their objective is the destruction of Christian values for the next generation–and their god will make sure they continue with that objective.


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