Forty Eight Years After West Virginia the Government Schools Continue to Subvert American Kids

by Al Benson Jr.

Way back in 1974, almost 50 years ago now, an event occurred that shook the public (government) education establishment. And it did so to the point where the minions of that excuse for an educational system have been racing double-time ever since to make up for the ground they lost there.

That event was the Kanawha County Textbook Protest, where parents actually managed, thanks to a gallant lady named Alice Moore, to get a look at what the public schools were planning to teach their kids. The parents were not happy with what they saw. No normal person would have been.

And so the parents protested. They marched in the streets of Charleston. They picketed the schools, and they shut down the county school system for a month, and the aftermath of this event lingered there for the next couple years. The school board finally got the rotten books back into the schools but they used subterfuge to do it. My family and I were there part of this time. It was one of those signal events that made my wife and I understand that we could never send our kids to public schools–anywhere–and by God’s grace, we didn’t

But we had lots of opposition, unfortunately most of it from Christians who tried mightily to persuade us to put the kids in public school. This was after we left West Virginia and had moved to Indiana. Try going to a church where almost everyone, from the pastor on down, thinks you are slightly wacky for wanting your kids to have a Christian education and you get almost no support from them because most of them are firm advocates of government schooling. I have to tell you, that’s an interesting experience!

The Textbook Protest in West Virginia was finally beaten into submission–literally–by the billy clubs of over-zealous “law enforcement” officers who had been ordered to “break the protest” any way they had to–and why was that?

There is no doubt that the Textbook, Protest focused lots of unwanted attention on an out-of-control government school system, that made it less free to pursue their radical agendas for awhile than it had been previously when no one knew what they were doing. But that was then and this is now, almost five decades later–and socialist and anti-Christian government “educators” have been busy making up for the time they lost in West Virginia–and they did lose time there.

And in our day you have members of local school boards all across the country that are leftist radicals–if not outright Marxists. The situation in Northern Virginia recently is a good example. These people do not want to educate your children in the way that you understand education–reading, writing, math, and good accurate history and literature. They have an agenda they seek to force on your kids that will fundamentally change the way they think.

They do not call themselves “change agents” for nothing. Your kids need to be re-educated to think along their socialist, One World lines and they consider it their “holy” calling to do that, whether you like it or not!

To find out what really happened in West Virginia during that textbook protest you need to read Karl Priest’s book Protester Voices–The 1974 Textbook Tea Party. Karl is a retired public school teacher from West Virginia so he knows what actually went on there. Most of the preachers who helped this protest to gain national prominence have gone to be with the Lord by now–48 years after the fact. There are not that many of us left that remember the protest. Karl’s book is a history oft that historical event and should be read by anyone who has questions about what public education is really doing–and it ain’t doing what they say it is.


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