Public School Liars And Deceivers

by Al Benson Jr.

How often have I heard people say “If only we could get the public schools back to what they were when I was in them they’d be okay.” Folks, you are kidding yourselves if you think that. They were bad when you went to them but you just didn’t notice. Now, what was bad then looks good to you. Twenty five years from now what seems bad will look good–which shows that our thinking has been tampered with and we don’t realize it–to our detriment!

Someone sent me a short article from for April 21st. The article said, in part, “An investigation of CRT in Iowa schools by Accuracy in Media is deeply concerning, but what is even worse is that these teachers say they are just getting started. The plan is to go further Marxist. They don’t care about the law at all…Deceitful teachers throughout the nation are not following anti-CRT laws. Instead they are just changing the name and teaching the same racist, Marxist curriculum throughout the day. They are teaching social justice, white privilege, and systemic racism. None of it is true, but that diesn’t matter. They also say they see it as a way to overturn capitalism….They bragged that the law banning Critical Race Theory doesn’t have any teeth in it and there is no consequence mechanism. They can easily continue teaching this hateful anti-American curriculum. They’re also teaching the fake 1619 history….”

The article concludes with: “The solution would be to let the funding go with the student so they can get out of these corrupt schools.” While I agree with this in principle, kids need to get out of these corrupt public schools no matter where the funding goes!

I wanted to check this out so I went to Accuracy in Media. It was on target. There was an article on by Chrissy Clarke that dealt with it. Again, this article said, in part, “Five public school administrators admitted that they are relabeling Critical Race Theory to avoid Iowa’s state ban on teaching the ideology to kids, according to undercover video footage from Accuracy in Media. Anthony Ferguson the executive director for equity, inclusion, and diversity at West Des Moines community schools told Accuracy in Media that administrators work around the state’s Critical Race Theory ban by relabeling “Critical Race Theory.”

This is a prime example of why public schools and public education will never be reformed. No matter how hard you try to do that and what laws you pass to try to do it, the educational leftists running the public school system will find creative ways to nullify what you are doing so they can continue their leftist indoctrination of your kids. They don’t plan to change that agenda one iota but they will work 24/7 finding ways to dilute any attempts at reformation.

And when you figure out what they are doing and try to pass another law to stop it, they will find some way to get around that. Real reformation of their system is not in their game plan. They have been indoctrinating kids in leftist ideology for longer than you and I have been alive and they have no plans to cease and desist. Their only plan is how to make you cease and desist by labeling you a “domestic terrorist” if you get in their way too much. If that doesn’t work they will, no doubt, exercise other options. The fact that they blatantly lie to parents about what they are doing is beyond doubt.

Your only option when dealing with a corrupt educational system is to get your kids out of it and keep them out. Don’t pour good money after bad trying to reform a system that tries to make you look bad because you refuse to swallow their propaganda. You are dealing with the devil if you do.


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