Home Schooling Increases While Public School Enrollment Decreases

by Al Benson Jr.

The AP seems to have had to acknowledge a fact they would rather have buried. According to TheNewAmerican.com for April 19th there has been a dramatic increase in the number of home schooling families since the Covid outbreak. That planned pandemic was not, however, the only problem parents had with public schools.

The article on The New American site by Bob Adelmann listed other problems that the AP would probably like to ignore. The article stated: “Following what the Associated Press said is ‘the most rapid rise in homeschooling the US has ever seen’ homeschool parents ‘continue directing their children’s education themselves.’ Prior to Covid, about three percent, or two million, young people were being homeschooled according to the Census Bureau. That number tripled during the 2020-2021 school year, said AP, and only fell off slightly the next year’.” That means that even after the Covid scare, most of those who took their kids out pf public schools kept them out. That’s a healthy sign and one that should give us some encouragement which, after over a year of Biden’s radical socialism, we could all use!

Adelmann’s article noted that “The media outlet blamed the initial increase on the Covid shutdowns but had trouble dealing with the reasons homeschool parents are staying with the program…” I don’t wonder. They are probably aware of the major problems with public schools, but as part of the mainstream media, their job is to make sure the public isn’t. But, as Jazz Shaw, writing for Hot Air explained, there is much more behind the move than just a ‘disagreement with School policies.’ Parents, once forced to see exactly what their children were being taught in public schools, were aghast…On top of that, there is obviously a growing realization among parents that the nation’s public schools have largely turned from being centers of education to centers of indoctrination…For every parent who learns that the school told their children ‘Don’t tell your parents,’ there are probably a dozen more families pulling the plug on public schooling’.”

Adelmann mentioned the Freedom Project Academy. He observed: “David Harper, principal of Freedom Project Academy, an affiliate of the John Birch Society, took it to another level. In a conversation with The New American, he said, ‘We teach our students how to think, not what to think.’ He went on to say that his online program teaches students critical thinking skills, how to defend positions, and how to present ideas, all based on a classical education model.” For more information go to https://fpeusa.org and check it out. This is one more of those good alternatives you have to the public indoctrination centers we still charitably refer to as public schools.


6 thoughts on “Home Schooling Increases While Public School Enrollment Decreases

  1. PTL!
    I am a retired public-school teacher with over 30 years of experience (including 3 as a principal). For over ten years I have administered a nationally normed test to Christian homeschooled high school students. Those students are bright, polite, well-adjusted, and articulate

  2. We need to DEFUND the public schools. We need to give money to parents for their efforts to stay home and teach their children. If you have to have school districts they need to be small related to the community not big multi schools and large areas.

    • Defunding the public schools is an excellent idea and schools that are locally controlled are an excellent idea as long as they are independent of the state and not beholden to it in some way.

  3. First, my site is all about encouraging people to think for themselves with understanding and responsibility. As one who taught three summer camps, then public school for over two decades, fighting the good fight against propaganda and an increasingly horrible curriculum, I always encouraged parents to be involved in their children’s education. When a parent was considering home schooling, I said she’s the best person to know what’s best for her children. If she kept her child in my class, I ensured I would do my best, but I can’t speak for other teachers. I think she eventually home schooled. Good for her. Good for her children. Home schooling is the wave of the future.

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