Public Schools–“for the salvation of the state”

by Al Benson Jr.

Often public school officials brag loudly that “they do it all for he kids.” Some of them may honestly believe that. It’s what they have been taught to say and if they just say it long enough it becomes fact in their minds and they just parrot the line to (they hope) believing parents and they come off sounding like paragons of self-sacrificing virtue. If you have ever witnessed striking public school teachers in Chicago marching in the streets asking for more money just a few days before school starts in the Fall you know it’s a lot of horse puckey. If you have ever seen the wage scales of teachers in some cities you realize self-sacrifice has nothing whatever to do with it in many cases.

Samuel Blumenfeld, in his book “NEA–Trojan Horse in American Education” has lowered the boom on all this self-sacrifice twaddle. He has told us, on page 13, that “It was in 1829 that Josiah Holbrook launched the Lyceum Movement to organize the educators of America into a powerful lobby for public education. Was Holbrook a covert Owenite (disciple of socialist Robert Owen)? Circumstantial evidence seems to indicate that he was. And if the socialists decided to further their cause by working through the instrument of public education, we can then understand why the system had such appeal to socialist bias for as long as anyone can remember. Indeed, public education was to become the socialists primary instrument for promoting socialism.” Did you get that? Public education was a major vehicle for promoting socialism. Chew on that one awhile and you find that all this self-sacrifice stuff ain’t worth doodly-squat!

But the early socialists in this country readily admitted that.. Also, in 1829, feminist (and socialist) Frances Wright lectured in this country. She spoke in favor of a national system of education–and who would be the beneficiary of that system? The students? Hardly.

In speaking of public education Ms. Wright said, quite forthrightly “That measure–know it. It is national, rational, republican education, free for all at the expense of all; conducted under the guardianship of the state, at the expense of the state, for the honor, the happiness, the virtue, the salvation of the state.” Public education is for “the salvation of the state.” That’s quite a socialist mouthful. Again, go back and read what she said. It was far removed from any concern for individual students, rather it was to promote statism. Wright was at least honest back in 1829. She told it like it was (and is). Karl Marx would have loved it. She promoted public education nineteen years before he did in his “Communist Manifesto.”

Remember now, we are talking about 1829 in this country–not 1929–but 1829–only 42 years after the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. That’s pretty early for socialist subversion in this country–when most folks have been taught to believe that we never had any problems with socialism and communism here until FDR got into office. Folks, does, it begin to occur to you that we’ve been lied to? And many of our so-called “historians” are complicit by their sin of omitting this history so we wouldn’t know.

Remember, Frances Wright said public education was formed for the benefit (and salvation) of the state. And it is being used to teach the students to be the servants of the state. Seems to me that we fought a war for independence so we could be a free people under God–not the servants of a socialist Caesar.

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