This Country’s Problem With Public Schools–Part Two

by Al Benson Jr.

Back in March of 1989, Writer John Chodes wrote an article that appeared in “Chronicles” magazine entitled “Education for a Conquered Nation.” His article dealt with education in the South after the War Between the States and during “reconstruction.” Chodes, in dealing with the infamous Morrill Act, observed that “Its stated objective was to fund colleges that teach agriculture and the mechanic arts, via money raised through federal land grant sales. The true objective was to bring the Northern perspective to the reconquered areas of the South, to teach the ‘rebels’ children respect for national authority–to break their rebellious spirit forever. The three R’s had absolutely nothing to do with this landmark bill.” Chodes continued: “The land grants had hidden strings. Washington controlled curriculum. To insure a uniformly, nationalized, anti-Southern slant, land and money could be taken from one state and given to another…The three R’s took a backseat, destruction of the Democratic Party was the highest objective. New textbooks were created and all the subjects taught from this perspective.” They even brought the Yankee school teachers down to make sure those benighted Southern kids got it right.

You folks who think we had no problems with public schools until our present Department of Education was formed need to go back and reread Mr, Chodes’ comments here. Washington’s control of public school curriculum started during “reconstruction” not during the Carter administration.

Since we’ve lived in the South, I’ve talked to lots of folks here about public education. Unfortunately, almost to a man (or woman) Southern folks seem to be of the opinion that public schools are the greatest thing since sliced bread. That shows you what a Washington-controlled curriculum will do to public opinion. The public school’s sports programs suck people in–Johnny can play baseball on the school team or Janie can get to be a cheerleader. Because of this, parents don’t even begin to look at the content of what is being taught in the classroom six hours a day five days a week. And how many folks still naively believe they can successfully combat 30 hours of dedicated humanism in public school with an hour of Sunday School on the Lord’s Day? Sadly, too many! Folks, you are dreaming if you think it will work that way. That ain’t gonna happen–and if you persist in that fantasy you will lose your kids!

Most of what the kids get in public schools today is what writer Wiliam Lind has labeled as “political correctness.” And in a speech about “Accuracy in Academia” back in 2000, Mr. Lind noted that “Political correctness is cultural Marxism. It is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms.” Although many parents don’t recognize it, this is much of what is taught in public schools today–you can’t celebrate Christmas because some non-Christian student or parent might be offended–but it’s okay to have your students learning passages from the Quran. Supposedly leaving Jesus Christ out and bringing Allah in is “celebrating diversity.” Hogwash!!!

And this continues on even in our day. Mark Levin, in his informative book “American Marxism” has said: “Today, matters are far worse. Children in classrooms across America are being indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory, white children are taught that they were born privileged and advantaged, and students study lessons prepared by the disgraceful New York Times ‘1619 Project’ Black Lives Matter, an openly Marxist and often violent organization that actively seeks the elimination of capitalism and the American governing system, is celebrated. Moreover, in school district after school district, teachers are being trained to confront their white privilege and taught to reform their knowledge of history to accomodate CRT…Education is being infused with a Marxist-oriented, extremely divisive, racist and intersectional ideology, where teachers and students alike are compelled to participate in and embrace their own indoctrination,”

So now it’s not only students being indoctrinated with Marxist dogma, it’s the teachers as well. Do we even need to ask how this fact bodes well for the future of public education in this country? Christian kids, indeed, all kids, need to be separated from this rank leftist indoctrination and from those indoctrination centers in our communities that promote it–all at the behest of Washington since “reconstruction.” Indeed, this present trend might well be labeled “Reconstruction Phase Two.”


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