Marxist Propaganda In Public Schools Posing As Education

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have written about Critical Race Theory before, and I probably will again. It is such a pernicious world view that it deserves all the negative publicity possible. At this point, several state legislatures around the country have bills in their legislatures to ban the teaching of this theory in their public schools and, while I have no use for the public school system, I do applaud these efforts. At least some in these state legislatures recognize what a horrendous insult to real education this leftist drivel really is.

However, for some reason, that does not hold true in the state of Washington. According to this leftist plague will be visited on all public school students in that state. According to this article: “The race-obsessed framework isn’t relegated to schools in Seattle, where you’d expect a victim-centered ideology like critical race theory to flourish. Thanks to the state’s Democrat-controlled legislature, a trio of bills just signed into law mandates critical race theory training for all public school teachers. Another even requires training for medical students, teaching them it’s as essential to be social justice activists as it is to treat patients.. While critical race theory mandates go into effect in the 2022-2023 school year, many districts are already jumping on board.” Two mentioned are the Issaquah School District and the one in Bellingham.

The article also observes that “Staffers learn that black people cannot be racist because they don’t have power, that whites benefit from white privilege even if they experience ‘high poverty’ and that virtually every American institution is founded in white supremacy.” Can you imagine teachers being forced to communicate this lunacy to their students? This is not education. This is Marxist indoctrination, pure and simple. It occurs to me that those who promote this sort of thing are the real racists and not those they are trying to teach this stuff to.

You have racial prejudice among all ethnic groups, not just white folks, and to try to tell students that they are “racist” just because they are white is doing them a real disservice. By the same token, telling black students they lack the ability to have racial prejudice is lying to them. And those that promote this twaddle know that.

I mentioned in a previous article, an article by Christopher Rufo on Imprimis for March, 2021, Volume 50, No. 3 where Mr. Rufo deals with Critical Race Theory. He states: “Critical race theory is an academic discipline, formulated in the 1990s, built on the intellectual framework of identity-based Marxism. Relegated for many years to universities and obscure academic journals, over the past decade it has increasingly become the default ideology in our public institutions. It has been injected into government agencies, public school systems, teacher training programs, and corporate human resources departments in the form of diversity training programs, human resources modules, public policy frameworks, and school curricula.” If you can locate Mr. Rufo’s article on the internet

From what he has said, it doesn’t look like the leftists have missed out in many areas–education, business, you name it. While we have been busy and bemused watching ball games and reality shows the radical leftists among us have been busy with their efforts to subvert our institutions–and mostly we don’t begin to have the remotest clue. Where has the Christian Church been while all this was going on? Don’t hold your breath waiting for the answer to that one! I’m not sure you want to know!

For the poor folks in Washington who will be subjected to all of this I have some advice. Get your kids OUT of the public school system immediately if not sooner! Unless you want your kids to be trained to be good little Marxists, you don’t need this! And people in other states need to keep an eye on this situation, lest your legislators betray you and cave in to this sort of thing.

The leftists seem to come up with lots of noble-sounding euphemisms–tolerance, brotherhood, inclusiveness, and others, but when you look at the real guts of what they are peddling it is usually just a sugar-coated Marxism, with just enough sugar to fool the naive.

Critical Race Theory is bad news–Marxist bad news. Those who want to protect their children from this pile of leftist cow chips need to be aware of that fact. And once you become aware, then inform others.


6 thoughts on “Marxist Propaganda In Public Schools Posing As Education

  1. I was hanging out at a friend’s store, talking about education and business when a recent high school grad walked in. At some point, he shared about a business class he took one year. Well, I was interested, wondering what he had learned over that year. It soon became apparent he hadn’t learned much. I turned to my friend, asking him to explain business (How he runs his store.). In that one hour, he learned more than the entire year at school. **Real education is like that. One year in school can set a child back several years for his/her head will be filled with socialistic and thinking nonsense, all designed to keep him/her from ever thinking for him/herself. One listening session with someone who really understands is more education than an entire year in school. **I’ve said this before. Two caring parents home schooling, provided the basics are taught well and whatever they teach is good information, will do so much more in a few years than all we see today in public school. Every time I’ve talked with a graduate of home schooling, they are leaps and bounds ahead of their public school contemporaries.

    • I agree with you here. Studies have shown over the years that home schooled students are at least a year, and usually more, ahead of those poor kids that have to endure the propaganda factories we still refer to as public schools.

      • Yes. And it’s not just the “measurable” stats, like curriculum ends. Education is not always measurable, though you do need “targets” like grammar, writing, reading and comprehension. However, they can’t just use those measures as the whole thing.

  2. One more thing, and I hope you continue to research and write. I remember something significant, and maybe other readers will see it in their own early experiences. A couple of friends and I were arguing over a point (I can’t remember what the point was anymore.). I remember deciding to get into the argument, and I noticed as I argued, I got attention. I then realized, if I argued well, I could get people to respect and admire me, perhaps. But suddenly, all my arguments left me. I realized then, that I didn’t want attention. I didn’t want to be respected for arguing well. I didn’t want to be thought smart. The only purpose I could see in any argument is a point for which you strongly believe and see the need to bring points forward. **Here’s the thing. Not everyone thinks this way. However, the longer young people remain in those propaganda camps, the lower the light in their eyes dim until it goes out altogether. They actually become dum#er the longer they remain. A good teacher, if they’re allowed to truly teach, can do in one year what all the other propagandists can’t do in twelve or more.

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