Critical Race Theory and “Woke” Evangelicals

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I can recall, back in the 1980s, which seems like ancient history now, that one of the evangelical authors that got lots of attention was Os Guinness. Evangelicals raved about his work. At that point I had not read much of what he wrote. At that point he seemed rather apolitical to me and that seemed to be what evangelicals back then liked–someone that was either apolitical or leaned slightly to the left. It was considered in some evangelical circles to be rather avant-garde to lean to the left politically. What many evangelicals did not seem to realize was that all politics is, at root, theological and that politics is only someone’s outworking of his theology. Therefore, if your politics leaned to the left, so did your theology.

Many evangelicals, even today, still have not figured this out.

I have wondered if the evangelicals who loved Os Guinness back in the 80s would still love him today, but I have doubts about that due to a column on written by Art Moore. Mr. Moore says: “One year ago, few Americans outside of higher education had heard of Critical Race Theory, which contends the concept of race is not biological but rather a culturally invented category designed by white people to oppress people of color. Now, having leaked from its academic lab, CRT is spreading exponentially to school boards, corporate offices the military and governmental agencies…But it’s urgent that citizens of this nation realize that CRT is not merely ‘erroneous teaching’ and that the ‘leak’ was no accident, warns Os Guinness, an Oxford-educated scholar with an unusual cultural and political vantage point. Born to Christian medical missionaries in China where he was a witness of Mao’s communist revolution, Guinness contents that CRT is part of an intentional, systematic, revolutionary movement in America stretching back to the 1930s that intends to replace this unique experiment in ordered liberty with a system responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million people in the 20th century…The so-called ‘cancel culture’ and Critical Race Theory are ‘the fruit’ of what has been described as the ‘long march through the institutions’ and ‘the triumph of cultural Marxism, or neo-Marxism,’ Guinness said in an interview with Eric Metaxas.”

And Moore observed that “Guinness noted that the term ‘long march through the institutions’ was coined by communist student activist Rudi Dutschke in the 1960s. It was popularized by German-American Marxist scholar Herbert Marcuse of the so-called Frankfurt school of critical theory in his 1972 book Counterrevolution and Revolt.”

So this entire thing we have been fed is a communist construct. Moore noted that “The sexual revolution and cultural Marxism, Guinness told Metaxas, are ‘the heirs of the French Revolution.” And Guinness tells us “The tragedy is today we’re switching from the American Revolution to the heirs of the French Revolution, and that switch is disastrous.” Guinness is right on the money here.

Moore noted: “Guinness, a British citizen who has lived in the United States since 1968, said that many evangelical leaders are ‘incredibly naive’ about what is happening today because they don’t see the big picture. He recalled the many Zoom calls with evangelical pastors in which he has participated amid the cultural upheaval following the death of George Floyd. Many of these pastors speak of ‘social justice’ Guinness said, without understanding they have ‘drunk the kool aid’ of cultural Marxism.”

Guinness tells us that “The way of the cultural Marxist, the radical left, is only power, and it makes the problem worse, not better.” Those that understand Marxism know that this is intentional. not coincidental.

As I worked over this article, the thought came to me–where were the Christians when all this has been happening? Sad to say, they were probably out to lunch–a long, prolonged lunch, which is probably where they drank the kool aid of cultural Marxism!

Unless evangelical pastors start waking up to what’s going on and warning their congregations about all this the future of the church in our day is bleak indeed. I know the Lord will win the victory in the end, but I think he wants to use His people to help win that victory. If His people have been put to sleep with cultural Marxist kool aid that victory may take longer than it otherwise would have.


5 thoughts on “Critical Race Theory and “Woke” Evangelicals

  1. Everybody’s making much too much about this. It is really VERY simple: [1] Blacks* want nothing more than TO BE WHITE, period. No amount of money or fame or anything else can make up for the fact that THEY CANNOT BE WHITE! [2] Blacks* KNOW they cannot be white no matter how much they want to BE white and so like thwarted children, they pitch a hissy fit and DESTROY stuff until they are ALLOWED to be white. [3] And since NOTHING can give them what they want, the best non-Blacks can do is to work to get rid of what Blacks want to be ~ that is, WHITES. If there are no more whites, it stands to reason there won’t be any need to BE WHITE!

    Now, the problem here is that many of those working to get rid of Whites are themselves white and for some odd reason cannot follow the reasoning process to the point at which they realize that they are making targets of themselves. Of course, they assume that Blacks know that without Whites they would cease to survive as they are incapable of maintaining anything LIKE an advanced civilization and to make everybody black is to return to the stone age. Unfortunately, as Blacks are not USING reason, they either don’t know or don’t care that this is the case and they will destroy EVERY White even if it leaves them in a new Dark Age. It is for this reason that Jews have suddenly decided that they aren’t White after all but they forget that Blacks don’t reason, they react and if you LOOK White, then, according to them, you ARE White.

    Nothing can help today’s Blacks because they have two very strong motives ~ envy and entitlement and as they lack the intellect to understand that wanting something you cannot have cannot be achieved by violence alone, things are only going to get worse.

    *Not ALL Blacks are like this. There is a certain percentage ~ some say 5%, some 2% ~ who are as intellectually advanced as the most advanced White or Oriental ~ sadly, however, the remaining 95% to 98% are not amenable to rational argument. Like the perennial infant, when they can’t get what they want, they throw a fit in the belief that violence will do the trick.

  2. Thanks for your article. Just adding something key. What “they” are doing, through politics (laws, regulations, and shows), Hollywood, Sports “leaders” (Which is why they don’t want Tebow in the NFL.), and local regulations is all designed to demoralize, dehumanize, and corrupt us. They know, if they corrupt us, and the youth (Which is why they spend so much money propagandizing them, but also creating laws that destroy the family, separating the youth from their parents, causing parents to become afraid to take the serious responsibility of properly raising their children.), their will be no one to stand up against them. They must destroy the fabric of morality to do this, just like they did in the Soviet Union, but they have more methods today at their disposal. Yes, they are evil. They are willing to destroy everyone’s morality, and we see these attempts in confusing us about real relationships, real marriage (and the importance of marriage), and traditional (real) identities. They want people feeling sorry for mentally ill people as if they were normal, rather than truly helping them, so we won’t correct the behaviors and stand in moral contrast to a growing evil. It’s so easy to see, if one understand principles, traditional life (Which is normal life.), and the history of communist nations. And that’s why there’s so much propaganda, because they can’t afford to give us a sane breathe.

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