Destroying American Western Culture

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have noted over the years that the American Left (yes, Virginia, there is an American Left) has sought to destroy and basically try to outlaw Southern history and culture in this country by trying to tie all of it to the slavery issue. Suffice it to say that the attempt to do that is monstrously false and a blatant lie which all but the “useful idiots” influenced by the leftists have by now figured out.

However, not as many folks have figured out that the American Left also has in its sights the destruction of the ranching, farming, mining culture of the American West. The reason the American Left has designated these two cultural groups as the ones that need to be destroyed is that these two unique American cultures are just about the last two major cultural groups in this country that seek to exercise cultural independence and promote limited government.

In the South (south central where I live) they are trying to erase our history be removing our flags and monuments from every place they can, even to the point of removing Confederate monuments from battlefields. Resistance to this is beginning to surface in many areas but it needs to increase even more. One thing they have not been able to do here in the South is to destroy, for the main part, our way of making a living–yet!

In the American West it is a little different. In the West our leftist protagonists have figured out that if they can cripple the ranching and farming ways of life then they can silence their opposition.

Just yesterday I read an article on for April 25th, the headline for which was Oregon Bill to BAN Livestock–Stunning War on Farming/Ranching written by Dewey Fernfield. Mr. Fernfield observed that “Oregon Bill IP13 would criminalize raising food animals in the state, and reclassify animal husbandry practices as ‘sexual assault.’ The bill specifies that animals can only be eaten after dying of natural causes (at which point, aged/disease3d meat is not good). Oregon’s 12,000 beef producers raising about 1.3 million head of cattle are slated for elimination, as traditional farming and ranching is shut down in favor of lab-grown meat and indoor farms owned by the technocrats–a perfect way to force the population into perfect slavery. Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.” That broadcast just might be something to check out.

I also ran across an article by Chris Gill from May 7, 2018 on which stated: “Since its conquest during the Mexican War, more than 50% of the West has belonged to the government, and ranching has been an integral part of Western settlement. The number of ranchers on public land has fallen by one-fourth since 1970, as agencies, allied with ‘conservationists’ steadily force ranchers off public lands. The deliberate ‘eviction’ of ranchers and livestock is not only destroying the West’s precious ranching culture but a key component of the region’s economic base.”

Let me state right here that this is the name of the game–purposeful destruction of the culture of the American West–because as in the South, the American West produces those still capable of independent thought and action–those who want the federal government and all its alphabet agencies to just back off and let them live their lives. And the federal government has no intention of doing that!!! The feds want to control all aspects of our lives, right down to what they allow us to have for supper tonight. Range-bred beef will be outlawed and the culture that dares to try to grow it will be outlawed.

This should be an excellent area for the nullification process to be used it, both at the federal and state levels to curb the growth of excessive government. I have to wonder about these technocrats who want the sole responsibility for producing what meat we will now be allowed to consume–how many of them are dedicated Leftists? I am afraid we might not like the answer to that question.

I hope the good folks in Oregon rise up and demand of their legislators .that they vote against this utter foolishness–actually it is not foolishness. I am positive this is by design and it needs to be exposed as such and repudiated.

1 thought on “Destroying American Western Culture

  1. COMMENT by Al Barrs, Jr. April 26, 2021

    In the first place the slave trade in the now United States was begun in the northeastern states by northern business tycoons. The tycoons had shipyards where they designed and build specially designed slave transport sailing vessels using the vast forests of Oak in the northeast. The built factory to manufacture ‘trinkets’ to trade to West African tribal chiefs for Africans they had captured to sell to slave traders all over the world, including the U.S.A. The business tycoons also hired ship captains and crews from the population in the northeastern states.

    The first American Slave Block (Slave Market) was established in New Amsterdam, present day New York City, which is a northeaster city. All slaves were brought to the U.S. through New York, Philadelphia and other Northeaster port cities.

    Surprising to many modern day Norther residents ALL states in the new U.S.A. had a slave industry, particularly those businesses like seaport cities and other large warehousing operations.

    The northern region movers and shakers attempted to replicate the South’s success in agriculture, but soon learned that they were unable to successfully grow the agriculture products the South grew, such as tobacco, indigo, pine timber, and of course cotton. The most profitable to southern agriculturists was of course tobacco and cotton. These were shipped to overseas markets like Great Britain and European nations. These two agriculture products were, and it’s very important, non-perishable and could withstand the long sailing voyage from southern seaports to Great Britain and Europe for great profits because residents in Britain and Europe craved those two products. Britain’s Industrial Revolution was essentially a manufacturing textile industry and they required a continual supply of quality cotton to operate, they turned away from Egypt cotton to America cotton, which proved to be the best cotton for textile manufacturing. The climate and soil in the northeast U.S. was unsuitable for growing the two most profitable crops, tobacco and cotton, which the northeast at first intended to start and force the South out of tobacco and cotton exports to Britain and Europe. But the Northeast weather was not suited to eight tobacco or cotton, and the soil was too rocky and of low quality to produce quality tobacco and cotton. So, that northeaster business tycoon industrial attempt failed. That left a sour spot in northern tycoon’s brains. Then the same tycoons decided to concentrate, instead of on agriculture, on a manufacturing region in the Northeast states that would as they claimed “control commerce in the entire world from the Northeastern U.S.A. To do that they needed vast amount of funding, which the tycoons, while wealthy, did not have or did not want to gamble on a second regional wealth creating industry. The New Republican Party, made up of many leaders and members of the defunct Whig Political Party, which was an industrializing movement. Abraham Lincoln was the second candidate the Northeastern business tycoons put for president. Lincoln won the 1960 general election with only 29% of the popular vote, but that was in a field of 4 political party candidates. The New Republican Party was, from the beginning, an industrializing mindset political party. The New Republican Party was able to gain the majority in both the U.S. House and Senate, and when they got a New Republican president, Lincoln, the pro-industry majority Congress and President began raising taxes which were primarily beneficial to Northeaster manufacturers, but detrimental to southern agriculture. At that time the South was paying about 80% of ALL the tariff, i. e. taxes, the U.S. Treasury was collecting which Abraham Lincolns called “posts” and saw, even the Constitutions, does not delegate the President to do so, claimed numerous times that it was his “duty to collect the posts”.

    Since the New Republican Party had gained a majority in the U.S. Government the Northeast business tycoons set the course of the Northeast to building an industrial complex for Northeastern manufacturing businesses. The priority industrial complex required new roads, canals, bridges, and most importantly railroad tracks all to transport manufacturing products to eastern seaport for shipment all across the world. The U.S. Government quickly passed tariff collections through the U.S. Treasury and granted or loaned Northeastern tycoons funds to build their Northeaster and only Northeastern Industrial Complex. No effort was ever made by the U.S. Government nor the Republican leaders to extend their industrial complex into the South. But they did offer to extend their complex, i. e. railroad into the new emerging westers state of the 1803 unconstitutional purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France. What the Northeast tycoons wanted was these new emerging western states to come into the Union as industrial states and not slave holding states. Through Congress they tried to stop southern agriculturist from moving slaves into Western states, and that was what brough into play the abolitionist movement in the West. The abolitionists in the West were sent into Western states to stop, by any force, southern agriculturists from transporting slaves into the western states. It wasn’t that the Northeast cared about slave, because they too had a slave institution in every state until the realized they didn’t need millions of common workers in the industries they were building, so eventually most, but not all, Northeastern states shipped their work able slaves, in Northeastern Slave Transport sailing ships to the Caribbean Island Nation, Central and big time in South America and sold them for huge profits. They didn’t “emancipate” any of their Northeastern slaves… What Northeastern tycoons wanted was for the Western Territory new states to come into the U.S.A. as anti-slave states. Why, because they didn’t want common citizens to realize what their scheme was. Why, because with a majority in the U.S. Government the Republican majority, and Republican President could shut the South’s Congressional delegation completely out of the U.S. Government’s legislating process…and they did! That’s when the South began discussing creating their own Nation. They didn’t want to be any part of an industrialized complex. The South wanted an agriculture-based nation with their own laws. For example, the U.S. Government was raking in high tariffs from the Souths agriculture industries plus the tariffs or Post foreign trading partners of the South were forced to pay to do business in the U.S. And, the U.S. Government did not want to allow foreign ships to dock in Southern seaports, but instead to dock in Northeastern seaports that required Southern businesses to transport their agriculture products over primitive canal systems, basic two-track wagon roads to the Northeast of load out on Northeastern sailing ships instead of British sailing ships. Ship owners and Southern agriculturists were required to pay very high taxes going and coming. As written before they were paying upward to 80% of all Tariffs and Posts to the U.S. Treasury. Southern advocates and supports of the creation of a new Nation projected their new Nation’s tax at 10%…

    On February 8, 1861 the Confederate States of American was created, and surprising to many fake historians, without firing a single shot! And on

    On May 7, 1862, a new Union naval fleet under Admiral David Farragut entered Pensacola Harbor and quickly occupied Fort Pickens and ordered Florida minutemen out. What most citizens are unaware of is the assault and occupation of Union military forces occurred one day before the highly published Lincoln assault on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor on December 26, 1860, under the cover of darkness, Union Major Anderson destroyed their existing headquarters, Fort Moultrie, located adjacent to Charleston Town, South Carolina. Anderson destroyed gun emplacements, burned the Fort and abandoned Moultrie in favor of Fort Sumter still under construction.

    On April 12, 1850 Confederate militia began a bombardment of Fort Sumter because Major Anderson had committed an act of war against South Carolina and the new Confederate Nation. It took the Confederate militia 3-days to force Union Major Anderson to surrender Fort Sumter to Confederate forces. The Battle of Fort Sumter occurred from April 12, to the 14, 1861.

    Lincoln and his top military officer General Winfield Scott had previously drawn up Lincoln’s plan to assault the southern agriculture stated by surrounding them with Union military Naval ships blockading all of the South’s seaports. Some ask, why did Lincoln, Scott and the Union military assault Fort Pickens in Pensacola Harbor and Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor?

    Union General and Lincoln’s Assault Plan for military defeat of the South before their new agriculture nation even got off the ground was to use Fort Pickens in Florida as a ship, troop and supply forward assault base. The military had orders to sail up the Mississippi River to Tennessee where they would theoretically link up with Union Troops assaulting the southern States from Charleston, South Carolina with Union orders to march and fight if resisted westward to the Mississippi River and link us with the Fort Pickens Union Naval forces. With the South encircled with Union military troops Scott and Lincoln intended to assault one southern state at the time until all Confederate states were forcibly captured and their citizens enslaved by the then “despotic” Union Government of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was skilled propaganda expert which he used before election and after to gain support for HIS actions as President from citizens of the Northeastern states…

    NOTE: If any reader doesn’t believe what I have written above I simply ask you to get a copy of Confederate Huger William Johnstone who investigated and thoroughly researched who started The War and what the true history of the conflict was all about, titles THE TRUTH OF THE WAR CONSPIRACY OF 1861, published 1921. I have ordered several good conditioned used books for less than $4.00. I bought my copies from Amazon: They are selling for $4.50 today 04/26/2021…

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