Celebrating America’s Pro-Marxist “Emancipator”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well. this is the day that the country celebrates the birth of the Republican Party’s first pro-Marxist president. There have been others since Lincoln but he was the first one of note. Note I said he was a “pro-Marxist”. I need to clarify that before some screaming idiot somewhere claims I said Lincoln was a Communist. That he was a socialist with a socialist worldview I do not doubt for a minute. His political proclivities all point in that direction.

In going through the latest edition of Ron and Donnie Kennedy’s seminal work The South Was Right! you will find more than enough in the way of evidence to display Lincoln’s leftism as well as showing that his “emancipating the slaves” was the stuff of which legends are made and propagated.

On page 34 of their book the Kennedys noted that: “Shortly after the South seceded the Republican controlled Congress submitted, and Lincoln supported, a Thirteenth Amendment that would guarantee the security of slavery if the South would rejoin the Union. It was called the Corwin Amendment and several Union states ratified it but it soon became apparent that the South wanted independence and the amendment died.. Had it passed slavery in the United States would have continued under Lincoln’s administration and Republican Party rule. The North’s motive for invading a sovereign nation, the Confederate States of America, was not to free their oppressed black brothers and sisters. Lincoln’s and the Republican Party’s primary aim was to secure the continuing flow of Southern wealth extracted via protective tariffs.

If you can still find an original copy of the Emancipation Proclamation please take the trouble to really read it! You will find all the Northern controlled areas that had slavery in this country that were exempt from the provisions of the Emancipation Proclamation. That’s right–exempt!

As for Communist sympathy for Lincoln, even in our day, On page 270 of their book the Kennedys observed that: “Americans who oppose secession for Dixie find themselves in bed with the Communist Party of China which proclaims the right to invade its secessionist province of Taiwan. China’s Minister of Defense, Wei Fenghe, noted that ‘Abraham Lincoln is America’s greatest president. The United States is indivisible, so is China.’ The Communist leader of China pointed out that Communist China would only be doing what Lincoln did in 1861. Of special interest is the use of the word ‘indivisible’ by this communist leader. An early adocate of the United States being trasformed into an ‘indivisible’ nation was Friedrich Engels, the co-founder along with Karl Marx of modern-day communism. In a letter to a communist Union General, Joseph Weydemeyer, Engels praised the action of the North in subduing the South because it would advance the world-wide communist effort. Weydemeyer was a close friend of Karl Marx and responsible for the publication of the first copies of Marx’s Communist Manifesto in the United States.”

You can begin to see here, in case you had not noticed before, the the comunists world-wide and those among us really had and have a love affair with Mr. Lincoln. Needless to say your “history” books in this country will refuse to deal with any of this at any point. If you want real history, don’t go to the “history” books as all you will get there is the perpetuation of the Lincoln legend.

In our day we need to get past the legend and find out the real truth, even though many “conservatives” don’t really want to know it, would really like to just ignore it in favor of their wishful fables.

Years ago I was a monthly columnist for a conservative paper in California and I did a wholle series of articles for that paper on Lincoln and the War of Northern Aggression. At one point the publisher of that paper reluctantly asked me to stop writing about Lincoln because his conservative audience didn’t want to hear it and he was losing subscribers because of my exposes on Lincoln. At that point I asked myself “If the conservatives don’t want the truth, then where is this country headed?” I have to conclude that, wherever we were headed, with recent political events in this country that we have now arrived.

At any rate, if you still want some truth in the “Empire of Lies” then get the Kennedy’s book The South Was Right! from Shotwell Publishing https://www.ShotwellPublishing.com PO Box 2592 Columbia, South Carolina 29202.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating America’s Pro-Marxist “Emancipator”

  1. I have just finished reading Kennedy’s book The South Was Right and it is an excellent book. This book covers a lot of territory about the south and is certainly one to read. Another great book is by
    Samuel Mitcham , IT Wasn’t About Slavery . Both of these books are well worth having.

  2. In the end there is no difference between a Socialist and a Communist and back in their day they were proud to call themselves a Communist. And Lincoln was a full blown Communist – there is no doubt about that. They did not use the term Marxist since Karl Marx was still alive and they didn’t use that term until our modern day long after Marx had died.. If you cannot identity and name the enemy then you will never defeat them. You cannot defeat what you refuse to recognize for what it really is. The Republican Party was founded i and established in 1854 by COMMUNISTS, AND THAT INCLUDED LINCOLN.
    They did nto have PC forced on them like we do today, so we are MADE to use “soft PC terms” like left, Liberal, Socialist, Democrat, Globalist, etc.

    But I’m not in that PC trap and I say it like it is. That touchy feely stuff is not for me. Never has been. IF you see your enemy and you know what it is – call it by its rightful; name and stand up to it ! It may even wake up a lot of sleeping people.
    Jesus called things what they were straight out and pulled no punches !
    If you were of your father the devil HE said so ! We are to be like HIM ! NOT conformists to those evil ones around us.
    Like I always said Lincoln was not just “pro” Communism – he was a Communist and he never denied it. or tried to hide it. So why should we ?


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