Ahh, Those Yankee Slaveowners

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have recently been given a copy of Ron and Donnie Kennedy’s classic work The South Was Right! This is the new, updated edition for 2020, published by Shotwell Publishing in Columbia, South Carolina. I had thought to do a book review of this outstanding work. However, the new updated version, with much new information, is almost 500 pages in length and so no single book review of this will suffice. What I am going to do instead is to pick out pertinent information and topics from the book and do a series of articles on that information. If some of what I present from The South Was Right! makes you a bit uncomfortable you can consider that you have been a victim of badly presented half truths as depicted in what passes for history books in most of our schools today. The Kennedy Brothers’ book, if you will take the time to read it, will correct much of the meaningless drivel you were taught as “history” but really wasn’t.

I thought a good place to start would be with the subject of Yankee slaver owners, covered in their book from pages 153-163 as part of Chapter 5. This is history you will never, and I mean never, see in your establishment “history” books because our court “historians” like their contemporaries in the “news media” have decreed that you don’t need to know this stuff–so they will make sure you don’t!

The Kennedys observe, on page 153, that: “No other issue in American history has been abused more than the history of African servitude in the South. People who dare to speak about slavery in a light other than that demanded by the neo-Marxist left will find themselves an outcast from modern ‘P.C.’ society. Nevertheless, when we look at America, we find that many names that we associate with the development of this country have been associated with slavery. The names of the Puritan Fathers of New England loom foremost in that group of slave holders. Even men such as Josiah Franklin, stepbrother of Benjamin Franklin, was associated with slavery, being active as a slave dealer in Boston. Yet the Franklin name is never held up for scorn because of the action of the Boston Franklin family. John Hancock, the most prominent signatory of the Declaration of Independence, was both a participant in a slave trading venture and a slave holder. But have you ever heard the cry to take down any monuments to John Hancock? Hancock was not the only New England signatory of the Declaration of Independence who was a slave holder. Samuel Huntington of Connecticut and Stephen Hopkins of Rhode Island were also slave holders, and their names can also be found on the Declaration of Independence.” There are those useful idiots that claim no one in the North ever owned slaves. That’s a bald-faced lie and many of them know it. Their goal in life is to make sure you don’t know it!

The Kennedys continue: “When the previous paragraph was written in 1994, neo-Marxists had just begun their attacks upon Confederate monuments and Southern history. At that time the nation was warned by so-called ‘neo-Confederates’ that one day all Traditional American Values and heroes would come under assault–that day surely arrived in 2020. Rather than joining with the defenders of the South’s history, neo-conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and many others assisted the neo-Marxists in their efforts to denigrate and destroy the South’s heritage and history. Neo-conservatives did this by agreeing with the neo-Marxist’s narrative of the South fighting to preserve and promote slavery (something that came out of the mouth of Karl Marx, see Benson and Kennedy, Lincoln’s Marxists, Chapter 2) and promoting secession as treason. By not allowing the Southern narrative about these issues to be heard, censorship by exclusion, the neo-Marxists were given all the cover and encouragement needed to advance their attack upon ALL Traditional American Values. the slogan of being ‘Fair and Balanced’ seems to not apply when dealing with the people of the defeated Confederate States of America.”

As noted by the Kennedys on page 157: “If the South is an evil place because it had slaves, then so is the North. If Southerners were wrong for owning slaves, then what about the Northerners who sold them those slaves? If the South is to be castigated because a small minority of its citizens made money from slave-grown cotton, then what about the North whose textile mills made money from that same slave-grown cotton?

Back on page 108 the Kennedys noted that: “Our neo-Marxist opponents d not want to work with us–they want to exterminate us or at least our Western Christian civilization. They are full of hatred toward all traditional Western American and Christian values as well as hatred for those who believe in such values. Lists of numerous neo-Marxist attacks against conservatives is proof of their uninhibited hatred–a hatred that is shielded and under-reported by the leftist media.” It is indeed too bad that most of our people in our Southern Heritage Movement simply do not seem to grasp this. They probably watch way too much of what passes for “news” from the leftist media which inhibits their discernment.

Lord willing, we will provide more information from the latest edition of The South Was Right! as we are able.

3 thoughts on “Ahh, Those Yankee Slaveowners

  1. Al Barrs, Jr. February 10, 2021

    Only about 6% of citizens in the South ever owned any slaves!

    The North had a large Slave Trading industry that manufactured the trade goods used to buy slaves in Africa, built the slave ships and furnished boat captains and crews. And, the first Slave Market in the Colonies was located in the North in New Amsterdam, now New York, and was a Dutch trading harbor…

    The North did attempt to hide the fact that slavery existed in the North as well as the South. Northern states voted to rid their state of slaves, but there was no state law to enforce the law. Slave owners in the North loaded their slave onto Northern salve ship and sold them for enormous profits in South and Central America and the Caribbean Nations. Northern leaders went so far as to destroy Black churches and obliterate Black cemeteries. It was not until expanding cities began to build roadways, railways and building that it was discovered that an attempt had been made to eradicate all evidence of slavery in the North… They even purged textbooks and so called “history” books that mentioned slaves in the north, but one free Black let the North’s secret out when he exposed the slave trade in the North… The North tried to duplicate the successful agriculture of the South in the North, particularly the Tobacco and Cotton industries, but quickly learned they couldn’t compete with the South in quality, so didn’t need large numbers of untrained labor to grow profitable crops. The climate and soil in the North were not sited to grow Tobacco and Cotton. Instead, the North began to develop a manufacturing industry in the North, which required huge amounts of funding to build an industrial complex including railroads, canals and roads. That need for funds motivated the Northern industrial tycoons, later called “Robber Barons” to work with the New Republican Party president, Lincoln, to devise a covert plan to control the Union government and raise tariff on Southern agriculture industries and their overseas trading partners. Plus, the Northern textile manufacturers would buy cotton from the South manufacture it into finished products and sell much back to Southerners, however the North would charge the southern seller of raw cotton a tax to transport it into the North, and then the North would again charge southern buyer another tariff.
    That Norther Union government and Robber Barons ushered in the idea of the South withdrawing from the Union and creating their own Nation… The Confederate States of America. –See “Fort Sumter Plot” by Al Barrs, Jr. at URL https://albarrs.wixsite.com/usandfamilyhistory

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