Separation? Why not?

by Al Benson Jr.

Seeing that this may be the day when the Senate race in Georgia is being stolen from the Republican candidates by the same corrupted voting system in Georgia I felt the comments of the man in this brief article were worth our consideration.

This was posted on this morning, 1/6. Chaz Donovan wrote: “I’m almost never a glass half-full kind of guy. However, I do see a distinct bright side to Ossof and Warnock ‘winning.’ That is that it would further accelerate the demise of what little is left of this ‘country’ and thereby expand those willing to consider secession as a viable option. The country is over either way; I’d rather rip the band aid off. I am cheering for Loeffler and Perdue, do not mistake me. That said, a loss should be viewed as a bigger opportunity to sell the concept of secession. Call it ‘not letting a crisis go to waste’ if you must. Secession has always been the best option.”

Mr. Donovan gives people something to seriously consider here and we refuse to do that to our own detriment.

Update: Protesters of the election steal from Trump have broken into the Capitol Building in Washington to let Congress know about their genuine concerns up close and personal. Hey, when the Leftists do this they get action from the gutless wonders in Congress. It may be about time our side let them know how really ticked off we are about having the election stolen from us. Usually I don’t endorse this kind of thing but maybe the time is past for our side to express its anger at what has been done to us.

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