Doing The Same Thing But Expecting Different Results

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, we are having the runoff elections for two senators in the state of Georgia on this day. How many of you really expect the Republican candidates to win? Might I suggest, politely, that if you do, you might be prone to delusion. As I am posting this it is still early in the day, a little after two in the afternoon. My prediction, and I hope I am in error, is that the two extreme leftist candidates for the Senate from Georgia will win by landslide votes–the exact same way Biden “won” over Trump in November.

Why should we expect anything different? Are they using the same Dominion voting machines in this election that they used in November? If so then why would you expect the results today to be any different than they were in November? Come on, folks, get real! The leftist Democrats had this election tied up before a single vote was cast. They probably won’t even need all the dead folks to vote that voted last November because they have probably been working at refining their vote enhancement techniques since then.

Does all this bother the Establishment Republicans in the room? Not really. They don’t care who wins as long as the goodies and perks are there for them to partake of because, you see, the “conservative” Republicans and the hard-left Democrats really all belong to the same globalist clique. So when push comes to shove they’d rather have a socialist Democrat in office. That gives the Republicans someone to protest up until the next election.

You see, folks, for these globalist types, no matter which party they belong to, it’s all a game and the name of the game is fooling us dumb deplorables into thinking there really is a dime’s worth of difference between the two major parties. The fact that so many “conservative” Republicans are willing now to stab Trump in the back should show even the most dense voter that most of these Republicans are nothing more than “slow” Democrats who want to push us over the same socialist cliff that the leftist Democrats do but they just want to do it a bit slower. That way we don’t notice it until we are almost over. And then it’s too late!

An article on the Breitbart website today noted that the two leftist Democrats in Georgia are ahead of their GOP opponents in the polls. Of course they are. If the voting conditions in Georgia remain as they did in November, and I get the impression that Georgia has resisted making any changes, then why would you expect a different result? This runoff election in Georgia is just going through the motions of pretending to “elect” the two hard-core leftists that the political establishment wanted there to begin with.

We have got to begin to realize something. If we keep playing this leftist political game using leftist rules we will end up with a Marxist regime in this country–and we ain’t all that far away from that right now. In fact, after they stole this recent election from Trump, and by extension, from ordinary Americans as well a Marxist regime with Comrade Kamala at the helm is what they have planned for us. And we are all supposed to just shut up and take it. The “conservative” Republicans are busy telling us there was no evidence of any vote fraud in November. To put it nicely, they are practicing the fine art of prevarication on us dumb idiots out here in flyover country–and we are deemed too stupid to figure that out.

One thing we have got to figure out is that we can’t keep playing this leftist game and expect anything but what is good for the leftists and anathema for us. It has gotten to the point where ordinary Americans have no one to speak up for them. Trump has tried but they mean to deny him any further opportunities as soon as possible. So we end up being citizens of our states and counties with no real rights or liberties except that we get to pay the globalists for our demise. Such a deal!!!

Under the present conditions the option of secession begins to look more and more attractive and there are enough of us out here that voted for Trump that are really ticked at seeing where all this is going. The “conservative” Republicans are really helping out the socialist Democrats and laughing up their sleeves at us all the way to the bank.

The question is–how much longer are we willing to put up with this crap before deciding to do something besides continuing the same old “bait and switch” game the two main parties have laid out for us to follow?

Just what are the possibilities for secession in Red States and even in Red Counties in some “blue” states that could secede and possibly form new states? By now someone will pipe up and tell me “this is all illegal you realize.” Really? So is massive vote fraud in several states but no one seems to be bothered about that except ordinary Americans. And their very real distress just doesn’t matter–so why not secession? Contrary to establishment “historians” it was not illegal in 1861 nor was it treasonous. So why not secession? It may well be the only option left for honest people–depending on where we go from here.

More on this in the near future. In the meantime, watch the vote steal in Georgia as today progresses and don’t let that dreaded “S” word slip out of your remembrance because I have an idea it is going to be relevant in the days to come.

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