America’s Education–From the Unitarians to the Chinese Communists

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Over the years many have written about the Unitarian and socialist foundations of public education in this country. Authors such as theologian R. J. Rushdoony and author Samuel Blumenfeld have done yeoman duty in this area by exposing the dubious foundations of public education in America.

Now, Ashley Carnahan, writing in Campus Reform has noted that nowadays many of our universities have been undermining all efforts to resist the Chinese Communists. Carnahan has observed that “A new U.S. State Department report outlines how America can respond to China’s rise as a global superpower, and the communist country’s threat to ‘revise world order,’ and states that America’s institutions of higher education are being used to achieve China’s mission.” Is anyone really surprised at this? Had you followed our educational situation in this country you wouldn’t be. The State Department report is entitled The Elements of the China Challenge.

The report points a finger of accusation at Communist China for using American colleges and universities to spread its Marxist propaganda. Again, is anyone surprised at this? You shouldn’t be. Author Arthur Thompson in his informative book China The Deep States Trojan Horse in America has told us, in chapter seven, about an organization called Confucius Institutes that has chapters in “over 80 colleges and 500 high school classrooms across America. They are controlled by the Chinese Ministry of Education, involve a five-year contract, and give the Chinese total control of staffing and curriculum. You could almost say our current educational system was made in China, like so many other things we get from China that are not worth the powder it would take to blow them to the hot place!

The State Department report goes on to note that “(China) generously funds Confucius Institutes, which specialize in disseminating CCP (Chinese Communist Party) propaganda, at universities in the United States and in other countries through confidential funding agreements that oblige the institutions to avoid criticism of China and to otherwise comply with CCP objectives.”

While the report noted the effect all this has on higher education in this country, it also observed that “Sinister efforts from abroad seek to sow discord in the United States. And America’s grade schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges and universities have to a dismaying degree abandoned well-rounded presentations of America’s founding ideas and constitutional traditions in favor of propaganda aimed at vilifying the nation.” Now who do you suppose is responsible for that propaganda in this day and age?

Carnahan observed that “National Association of Scholars spokesman Chance Layton told Campus Reform that the State Department has ‘nailed the problem on the head’ with this report” which I am sure the mainstream media will work to make sure the public never hears about.

The report continues: “If Americans are unaware of their founding ideals, why would they seek to defend them? Worse, students might wonder: ‘Why is China so bad if America is worse? …Layton also said that our education system has also played a role in writing the script for America’s adversaries’.”

In the same vein an article on for December 17 noted that “The Chinese Communist Party unit at the New York University Shanghai has grown to over 70 members, according to a leaked database of CCP members in the Chinese megapolis…NYU Shanghai is a joint venture between New York University and East China Normal University, one of the 76 institutions directly owned and managed by the Chinese Ministry of Education.”

So NYU is partnering with the Chinese Communists for “educational purposes” which will benefit–guess who? Certainly not American students. Just like in the political arena, the educational system in this country has lots of rot, both spiritual and political, in it that needs to be cleaned out before our students here can get anything resembling a real education. If you wonder why so many of our young folks want to embrace socialism, look no further than what they are being taught in our schools–and look also no further than parents who, when they find out what is going on in these schools, do not bother to remove their kids from them because it is just too much trouble to assume the responsibility for your kids’ education!

So they leave their kids in these schools–guaranteeing that their grandchildren will be educated into slavery. This is where we are in America at this point and if we are not willing to do something about this then maybe we deserve a Harris/Biden dictat–or sorry, I meant “presidency.”

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