The Leftists Marched Across Georgia

by Jeff Paulk

Member, Confederate Society of America

The leftists marched across Georgia,

Looking for some votes to steal,

They were in a bind, really getting behind,

And willing to make a deal.

They had the election riggeed,

The very best they could.

The machines Kemp got from China,

Would make it come out real good.

We’ve all heard how the Ballot Fairy

Worked so hard that autumn night,

And he got some help in Georgia,

With luggage made by Samsonite.

The poll watchers had all been ordered,

Too leave the counting room.

Then out came the ballot-filled lluggage,

To seal the Donald’s doom.

The fraudulent ballots were packed,

In suitcases good and tight,

To use to spike the count,

And we saw it in several states that night.

The results are now contested,

Some recounts have now been done.

There’s some funny business in Georgia,

And it’s still not clear who won.

They recounted ballots we know were fake,

And this is just not right.

It seems some votes for Trump were found,

That got misplaced that night.

The lawyers all are working,

As hard as anyone could.

And we all have faith in them,

Giuliani, Powell, and Wood.

No doubt they’ll all uncover,

The details of this nasty plot.

Of Georgia’s sacred election to steal,

And in jail the crooks will rot.

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