Marxism Is Alive And Well In America Today

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have stated in the past the communism was alive and well in America and, indeed, has been since the 1850s–not the 1950s–but the 1850s. Most folks seem incapable of grasping that fact. It has, however, been written about by several authors and writers over the decades, though most Marxists in our day try to cover that up. They don’t feel you need to be aware of the activities of their spiritual ancestors–and I use the word “spiritual” here because, at root, Marxism is not a political movement, though it manifests itself in the political arena. It is an anti-Christ spiritual movement and part of its agenda is to keep American Christians in the dark as to its real intents.

I recently came across an interesting article by Vasko Kohlmayer on for October 31st of this year. Mr. Kohlmayer seems to have an extensive knowledge and grasp of how Marxism has affected our society in the past century or so. He observes that “Marxism is far from being dead as a worldview. Quite to the contrary, it is very much alive. It shapes–directly or indirectly–the worldview of many in the American intelligentsia, many of whom hold important posts at universities, in the media and in government.” He is right on the money here and I personally know of some instances regarding what he says about some universities or colleges.

He continues: “To be sure, most of these individuals do not openly present themselves as traditional Marxists..” He notes that many of them will even concede that “classical Marxism” is flawed and his its faults. This superficial criticism of Marxism fools lots of people, and it always has. Years ago I read a book written by a Soviet secret policeman who had been situated into Europe during the Second World War. He was told by the spymasters who trained him that he was free to criticize communism on a certain level to give himself credibility but that if they ever heard that he had criticized the principles of Marxism-Leninism then they would come and get him and that would be the final act in his charade.

The same principle holds true today. Kohlmayer notes that their “attitude gives these ideological mutants an air of seeming reasonableness and objectivity. But they will not let go of Marx’s basic assumptions. Having retained Marx’s core ‘insights,’ they either modify his theories on the edges or develop them in new directions. As a result, in the past eighty years we have witnessed a proliferation of philosophies and theoretical systems derived from Marx’s teachings. Here is a partial list: Critical Race Theory; The Frankfurt School; Liberation Theology; Neo-Marxism; Cultural Marxism; Marxist Feminism; Marxist Humanism; Post-Marxism.” This is not the complete list by any means but I have listed the ones most folks might have had some knowledge of.

Kohlmayer tells us that “Even though the theoretical systems above deal with many different aspects of the life of the individual and society, they grow from the same poisoned Marxist root. Yet, despite their ignoble origin most of these schools of thought are considered acceptable if not outright respectable.” That fact alone tells you how deeply penetrated our society has been by the Marxists that lurk among us and who pose as “respectable academics, journalists, politicians or whatever field they exert their influence in.

He cites one example some of you all have probably heard of–Critical race theory. Of that he states: “This Marxist–spawned system has become the de facto worldview in many university departments, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. Astonishingly critical race theory has been routinely taught to employees of the federal government under the guise of sensitivity training.” Someone must have alerted President Trump to this because he issued an executive order ending this “form of Marxist indoctrination.”

Kohlmayer tells us that “Critical race theory is a modern approach to social change, developed from the broader critical theory, which developed out of Marxism.” And he issus us a warning–if we will heed it. He says The decades–long infusion of Marxism into America’s bloodstream has reached a critical level and now we are on the verge of a Marxist coup d’etat.” He notes all the riots and protests in the past few months and the Marxist intent of such groups as Black Lives Matter, whose banners hang in many public schools in this country and in front of some churches.

In a prescient observation Kohlmayer tells us that: “Marxism is thus not some discarded ideology…Marxism is a living creed, forming the motive behind the thinking and actions of those responsible for the present upheaval in the United States. Rather than being irrelevant, Marxism is a powerful and destructive force that threatens to rip America apart.”

That’s a pretty fair country description of what Marxism has been doing in this country for a long time. Maybe we should start asking who funds these Marxist groups because Marxism always needs outside infusions of cash to fund its activities. So who funds them and why? We’ve dealt with some of this in the past. Maybe we need to again.


5 thoughts on “Marxism Is Alive And Well In America Today

  1. U.S. senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin) was right, “There are Communists all over our United States!” And, we American Patriots must clean them out!!! Now!

  2. We can’t be afraid of ideas. But we do need to take responsibility for what we know, understand, and come to understand through observation, research, and discussions, keeping our children at home that they truly learn (including real history), not sending them to propaganda camps. I see all the insanity, but understand the reasons, and too many people become enslaved by their reactions. We think, we understand, we communicate. We do not go along with Marxist/Communist/Anti-American ideas. We pursue freedom with responsibility and communicate this with others. Unafraid of ideas, we point out the errors and explain what is real and true.

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