Evidence of Election Fraud? The “News” Media Just Ain’t Interested

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Yesterday President Trump’s legal team held a news conference explaining what they are doing and why. I watched that. There were several from what we ludicrously refer to as the “news” media there, supposedly to report on this story. I say supposedly because anyone with half his brain cells operating knows the “news” media was not there to report the real story. They were there to lie about it and to try to fool the public with their lies. That is what they do for a living–lie to the public. That’s as charitably as I can put it.

The website https://lifenews.com reported this. It noted: “Rudy Giuliana and the legal team for President Donald Trump laid their ‘opening statement’ out today by discussing the massive amount of evidence they say they have compiled in multiple battleground states. The former New York City mayor says there is enough evidence of voter fraud in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Michigan that, if those illegal ballots were thrown out, President Trump would win the election.” Giuliani said “I can prove to you that he won Pennsylvania by 300,000 votes. I can prove to you that he won Michigan by probably 50,000 votes,” He said that these states all need audits and recounts of their votes and he also said the recount now going on in Georgia and some other states is meaningless because the fraudulent ballots are being recounted with the legal ones.

He observed thaat “There are 60,000 ballots in Milwaukee Country and 40,000 in Madison that, as far as we can tell…don’t have applications. If you count the lawful votes, Trump won Wisconsin by a good margin.”

Giuliani also took the “news” media to task. The article noted that “The former mayor also went after the media, imploring them to do their job and report on the ample evidence of fraud the Trump legal team has found.” He told them “Your coverage of (election fraud) has been almost as bad as the scheme itself. Next time you say there’s no evidence, you’ll be lying. The American people have a right to know this. You don’t have a right to keep it from them.”

Pardon me, Mr. Giuliani but the media has already been lying to us. Like I said earlier, it’s what they do for a living–lie to the public. I have been watching the “news” media for over fifty years now and they are seldom noted for telling the truth unless they feel it may agree with their agenda. Otherwise they lie, often blatantly so. They are notorious for playing the numbers game. If some conservative or patriotic gathering draws a huge crowd they pare the numbers they report down to a few hundred to make it appear that hardly anyone showed up. I have been at several events where they have done this. On the other hand if some leftist gathering garners only a handful they report it as though half the state turned out for it. One thing you can say for our “news” media—objective they are not!!! And since Trump has been in the White House they have abandoned any pretense of objectivity! They are unabashedly leftist in their presentation of what they choose to call news while omitting anything they don’t want the public to be aware of.

Honestly, I don’t know why people still refer to them as the “news” media because real news is the absolute last thing they are about. There are a few honest journalists in the country, but not nearly enough. The vast majority are political prostitutes–for sale to the highest bidder, especially if that bidder is on the left. I don’t know what courses most colleges teach for journalism, but maybe they should be looked at, and maybe some of the professors that teach them need to be looked it.

The “news” media in this country has a gigantic credibility problem. I personally know few people that believe anything they say anymore. Many, many folks just don’t mess with them anymore but go to alternate news sources for their information because they have figured out that the mainstream media flat out lies to them, so why waste your time with them. There are good alternate news sources out there but you have to know where to look. Once you learn to do that you can begin to unlock the truth that the mainstream “news” media seeks to deny you access to with their prevarications.


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