Mr. Trump–At This Point DO NOT CONCEDE!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

In the past few days there have been several calls for Donald Trump to “just concede to Joe Biden and get it all over with.” One of those has even come from someone within his own family circle–his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to be specific. One has to wonder what Mr .Kushner’s real agenda is here.

On the other hand, several have told Mr. Trump that he should not concede under any circumstances. And with his legal team pursuing several legal challenges in key states the advice to not concede would seem to be sound. The more we find out the more it seems that the odor of massive political fraud seems to permeate the atmosphere.

It’s amazing the stuff that comes to light when people start digging. There was an article on Canada Free Press for November 9th by Kelly O’Connell which stated: “Unbelievable: George Soros Employee Owns Defective Switch-Vote Biden Machines Stunning facts: Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a George Soros lieutenant, whose company Smartmatic is intimately tied to Dominion Voting Systems who flipped votes from Trump to Biden, Brown was also named UN #2–Deputy Secretary General on March 3, 2006 and also former VP of the World Bank. His machine was used in all the swing states.” Pure coincidence I’m sure!

Then there was the article on for November 8th which said: “Huge news tonight, There are reportedly 132,000 change of address flags in Fulton County, Georgia ballots. These ballots are likely ineligible.” Right now Biden is ahead in Georgia by a hair…If these ballots are deemed ineligible, the state of Georgia is almost certainly won by President Trump and this is before the illegal voter harvesting in recent days is addressed.”

And attorney Sidney Powell, who is on Trump’s legal team, and who is Michael Flynn’s attorney claims her investigative team “has identified 450,000 ballots in battleground states that cast a vote only for Biden, with no other candidates voted down the ticket.” So supposedly these 450,000 voters in several states didn’t bother to vote for any other candidates in their respective states. They were all in such a heat to vote for Biden that they passed up everyone else on their respective ballots? To quote one well-known political fraudster–“C’mon man!” How many of you folks that voted last Tuesday only voted for the presidential candidate and for no other candidates on your ballots? Most who vote also vote for senators, representatives, various state officials and whatever, yet we are being asked to believe that over 400,000 voters in various states voted only for Joe Biden and no one else. I submit that is beyond ludicrous!

Does anyone wonder why Joe Biden never went over 50 miles from his home for any political gathering before the election? Why should he bother. He now the fix was in already so why make the effort? He didn’t have to–they were going to try to hand him the election on a sliver platter. Remember that video of Hillary telling Biden not to concede on election night no matter how bad it looked. Do you know why now?

Well now, we can tell Mr. Trump the same thing, not because the election has been fixed in his favor but because there have been such blatant and ham-handed attempts to commit election fraud for Biden that this fraud cries out to heaven to be corrected.

Continue to pray for President Trump and his legal team that their efforts might be rewarded with at least a modicum of honesty in the states that are affected, of which there are several. This is not over quite yet and Biden is not the new president–quite yet.

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