From Vaudeville to Fraudville

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Back when I was a kid they still had vaudeville shows in some theaters. Mostly in the area I lived in at the time the vaudeville acts came on in theaters where people had come early to see the movies. They then had to sit through the vaudeville routines while waiting for the movie to start. That was basically the end of the vaudeville era. It was dying out by the time I was 10-12 years old.

However, it seems that we have replaced vaudeville with political fraudville on a grand scale-or maybe I should say Fraudstate rather than fraudville because the political fraud is much bigger than any one town or area. I recall the political fraud in the 2012 election where the Republican Establishment managed to steal delegates from Ron Paul and give them to Mott Romney. One of the states they did this in was Louisiana and the fix was so obvious that the local fishwrapper they called a newspaper in my area would not even publish a letter to the editor if it favored Ron Paul. Obama was supposed to win and the Republican Establishment knew that and played along with it. Their vision for America was not all that much different than Obama’s Marxist vision, which they were okay with.

In 2016 Hillary was supposed to win. After all, it was her turn now. But Trump won so resoundingly that he upset their applecart and they have been after him literally every day since he took office–Democrats, Republican “never-Trumpers”, communists and all the deep state operatives. They have all had one mission–get rid of Trump no matter how or what they had to do. Legal or illegal, didn’t matter.

Now, with this election they feel they have at last found the method to do that–massive voter fraud in enough states to deny Trump the election. I have been watching the election results since last Tuesday evening and, quite frankly, what I have seen so far stinks!

There was an article on for November 3 by Judi McLeod the headline for which was Get Ready For Media Suppressed 2020 Results Tonight. And she was right. The “news” (what a laugh) media as a whole wants Trump to lose and they will give us the election “news” in such a way as to make sure it looks like Trump is losing.

There are several key states that Trump has won but the deep state operatives plan to make sure he never gets credit for winning them. An article on for November 4 notes “Workers at Detroit’s absentee ballot counting center are now covering the windows to prevent any transparency during the vote counting process. Fox News reporter Matt Finn tweeted a video of the windows being blocked out, writing that the situation is ‘growing more heated…The windows now being covered up. Allegations of violations. Sec. of State says she welcomes challenges.” Sure she does! Believe that one and I have a bridge in the Arizona desert I will sell you! So why are they boarding up the windows? The answer should be rather obvious.

The Trump campaign has had to file a lawsuit in Georgia after the Biden Camp has been seeking volunteers to go door-to-door to help voters to fix their mail-in-ballots after election day! This is the Trump campaigns third lawsuit of the day-to get Georgia to stop counting such ballots. The same thing is going on in Michigan and Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia Republican poll watchers were denied access to polling places. What does that tell you?

In North Carolina Trump is ahead in the ballot count but now North Carolina has decided that they will not announce the voting results until November 12. It seems that this move is to help Biden to get to the magic number of 270 electoral votes ahead of Trump.

An article on for November 4 observed “The Trump Campaign has officially declared victory in Pennsylvania, widely seen as a must-win state for the campaign while Wisconsin and Michigan are now facing lawsuits to stop the ballot counting.” The Trump campaign stated “We also demand to review those ballots which were opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access.” Zero Hedge noted Stalin’s famous quote–“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” And Zero Hedge also noted, on 11/4, that “Trump was winning this election last night. Suddenly they decided to stop counting and stop reporting in all the Democrat governor controlled swing states. The counting is now being done in Democrat controlled states and enforced by Soros Attorney Generals.” That fact should tell you something.

There is lots of rotten stuff going on here and Mr. Trump and his lawyers had better jump on it or they will steal this election from him. Finally, what happens to us folks out in flyover country if they magically hand this to Biden? What happens to the folks in the South that love and revere their heritage and history? What happens to the ranching/farming/mining culture of the Far West with a Harris/Biden victory? Is anyone naive enough to actually think that Harris/Biden gives a tinker’s damn about any of us? We are in their way in their mad rush to promote socialism via the New World Order, so we have to be dispensed with, one way or the other, whatever works for them.

I would ask that all sincere, Godly people raise their voices in prayer to God to prevent what these One World Government zealots want to force down our throats. These people want to destroy our country and us and we need to ask the Lord to prevent this from happening.

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