If Harris/Biden Win They will have to steal it

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

My wife and I went and voted a little after 11 a.m. this morning. When we got to the polling place there was a line around the outside of the building as well as the folks that were inside. After we voted I asked one of the attendants there if it had been that busy all morning. Our polls here open at 7 a.m. She said it had been like that all morning. The town we live in is not really big, somewhere around 2,000 residents or a little less. That means that a good number of registered voters voted here this morning.

If the “presstitute” media is to be believed, the vast majority of these voters lined up to cast their ballots for Harris/Biden. In our town that would be a laugh. Harris/Biden will get some votes here but not that many. I list the Democratic candidates in this order because anyone who doesn’t have mush for brains realizes by now that Biden will no longer dominate the Democratic ticket anymore than the Tooth Fairy will pass out thousand dollar checks to be secreted under kiddie’s pillows should they pull a loose tooth. Biden was chosen to give “moderate” voters someplace to hang their hats. Harris will really run the White House if the Democrats do manage to steal the election via massive voter fraud. And that’s the only way they will get it! Harris is so close to being an avowed Marxist that the difference between her and Obama, who was a Marxist, is truly miniscule.

Biden is what the Scots refer to as a “toom tabard” an empty coat. Years ago someone referred to Biden as “the ultimate insider/outsider, whatever you want.” In other words, no real standards, no moral convictions, just whatever it took to get the bucks rolling in. His son’s dealings with Burisma and the Chinese Communists would seem to bear out that contention.

If the mainstream media were to be believed (thank Heaven they’ve destroyed their own credibility) Biden is leading by double digits in all the right states and Trump voters might as well go home and weep and mourn. That’s why thousands show up for Trump rallies while Biden is fortunate to get 100 at a rally, when he leaves his basement bunker to hold one. You have to wonder if this is the goal of the major media–to discourage Trump voters from turning out because it won’t make any difference with Biden so far ahead. If that was the plan it failed miserably in our town and will probably fail in most other places as well.

Do I think the Democrats will try to steal the election? Will the sun rise in the East tomorrow?

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