The Church Neutralized–Part One

by Al Benson Jr.

There has been a systematic neutralizing of the Christian Church that has been going on at least since the 1830s in this country. Those participating in this neutralization have mostly taken the Fabian approach in enacting their agenda–doing it gradually so that most people don’t even realize it has been happening. If you are willing to take a backward look you can begin to see how it has been happening.

Two groups that have promoted this neutralization, at least at their leadership levels, have been Unitarians and Dispensationalists. I don’t contend that the rank and file in these groups are necessarily all aware of this. Many probably are not. But the leadership that has moved them to where they are today has been and is aware of what has been done and what is being done.

In this installment I will deal with the Unitarians, with their mandatory public schools They are the first step in this process. Through people like Horace Mann they worked to downgrade the influence of private Christian schools so they could push their agenda of compulsory public schooling. It is interesting that, in this critical area, the Unitarians took the same approach as did Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto–“Free education for all children in public schools…”

So naturally, Christian children ended up in these public schools–a situation that, sadly, continues to this day because most Christians seem to have lost their sense of discernment about both the origin and the agenda of public schools. Christians should have resisted this in the beginning, but they mostly didn’t. They were conned into going along with it and in succeeding generations their children have been pretty much neutralized. Oh, Bible reading was allowed for quite awhile–morning devotions for the kids and all that. They didn’t dare drop the hammer all at once. That would have been much too apparent and many Christians would have pulled their kids out right away. So they had to gradually draw them in by allowing a little of what Christians were familiar with to keep them comfortable–sort of like putting the lobster in cold water and then heating it up gradually so they won’t notice what’s happening. And it worked! Today many Christians will denigrate Christian schools because they don’t have all the bells and whistles public schools have and they will defend the public school system as though it were mandated in Holy Writ. I know. I have argued with some of them about that over the years. Even evidence of what the public schools have done to children will not change their minds–even when you present them with evidence of the Unitarian/socialist origins of public education. Mostly they don’t want to hear it or see it. And you will be dismissed by them as some sort of “right-wing reactionary.” After all, aren’t public schools right up there with God, motherhood, and apple pie?

The good folks that have succumbed to this mindset have been neutralized and they don’t even begin to realize it. And when I say all this I am not indicting all individual public school teachers. We have a niece that teaches in a public school. She hates it, but unfortunately, she can’t find a Christian school that can or will pay her enough to live on. And that is another whole problem.

Let’s face it. The public schools in our day are, for the most part, blatantly anti-Christian. They will strongly support the Marxist Black Lives Matter group, but let a teacher or a student bring a Bible to school and read a brief passage from it and all hell with break loose! Quoting the Koran in public school is okay, but not the Holy Bible–never the Holy Bible! That’s verboten! And yet Christian parents put up with this. Frankly, I don’t expect this to change anytime soon. Certainly not in my lifetime. There are several good books out there by both R. J. Rushdoony and Samuel Blumenfeld that go into the history of public education in this country. I have listed some of them in previous articles over the years.

The fact that all of this is tolerated by Christian parents is evidence that the Christian Church has, in the main, been neutralized. The next installment of this article will be almost guaranteed to make lots of good folks mad at me, but what I will say has to be said.


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