The Practice Of Marxism Is “A Criminal Code Of Behavior”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The quote in the title of this article is by Herbert A. Philbrick, author of the book I Led Three Lives republished way back in 1972. Democrats and other fervent devotees of the political and theological left would probably love to have this censored out of existence. However, Philbrick’s nine years of infiltrating the Communist Party gives him an excellent perspective on communism that few in our day seem to possess.

I will quote Mr. Philbrick at some length because he provides insight on Marxism that seems all but lost in our day, what with all the young people in many of our schools having been taught that, somehow, communism will solve all the world’s problems if only we can enact it. These kids really don’t have a clue to what they are promoting yet think they are brilliant enough to lecture older folks about how wonderful the most evil and fraudulent system in the world is. I can only pray the Lord will wake at least some of them up, and by so doing, help them to shut up about something they do not begin to understand. If some of them could talk to those who survived and escaped Communism as I have they might begin to gain a more accurate perspective.

Mr. Philbrick says: “But the seeds of Marxism bear evil fruit. When put into practice the theories of Karl Marx become, in all essential elements, a criminal code of behavior. The methods used by the followers of Lenin, Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung are depraved, and any ‘new world’ the Communists create becomes a nightmare instead of a dream. The ‘Peoples democracies’ are reverse prisons where honest people are locked up and the gangsters are the wardens. Wherever Communism touches the lives of people, whether in the free world or in the prison of nations, there is heartbreak, sorrow, disaster and death. The greatest fraud of this century is the promotion and sale of tyranny in a package labeled social progress” This is every bit as true today as it was when Philbrick wrote it originally, probably over six decades ago now.

In another revelation he noted: “…the Communist movement is not genuinely anti-fascist, any more than it is genuinely in favor of civil liberties, better housing, peace, or any of the other causes its leaders so ardently espouse. If every basis for Communist discontent today were suddenly removed and their every demand granted, tomorrow the professional leaders of the Communist Party would find or provoke new causes of discontent, and would draw up a fresh list of demands.” This holds true today for Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the whole coterie of Marxist-oriented groups that operate in our day. Their whole agenda is not about really helping people–it is about gaining power, however they can, any way they have to.

And Philbrick observed: “The ‘professional’ Communist is another breed…He knows precisely and exactly what he is doing. His goal is power–total, relentless, invulnerable and irreversible power.” The “professional” communist in our day may not be a “party” member. He probably isn’t. Yet he is a fanatical devotee of the religion of Marxism and Marx’s “ten points” as recorded in the Communist Manifesto are probably his “ten commandments.”

Many Christians have accused me over the years of being too “political” because of my opposition to communism. What these good folks fail to realize is that Marxism is, at root, a theology, an anti-Christian theology that manifests itself in political issues. Were it not an anti-Christian theology it would not have persecuted Christians as vehemently as it has all over the world. The fact that is has done and is doing this shows it is an anti-Christian theology the same as Islam.

As Democrats in this country move further and further to the left they begin to sound more like Marx and less like Harry Truman. This is no accident. The present Democratic establishment has been captured by those with a Marxist mentality and worldview–the promoters of a false, anti-Christian religion. Christians need to wake up and begin to understand the theology of Karl Marx so they don’t end up supporting causes that will ultimately undermine their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

4 thoughts on “The Practice Of Marxism Is “A Criminal Code Of Behavior”

    I will say only a couple of thing I have learned about Karl Marx and his side-kick Frederick Engels.
    Marx and Engels wrote the first “Communist Manifesto of the Communist Party” in 1848.
    Marx sent President Abraham Lincoln a letter congratulating him on winning his war against the South. Lincoln ordered an aid to reply to Marx’s congratulation letter thanking him. Clearly this suggests Lincoln was a Marxist…
    And, Marx and Engels were the originators of the labor union movement, which says a lot about Union operations in the U.S.A.
    The worst thing the U.S. Congress did was to allow Unions to operate within our Government, or for that matter our Nation. Much of our problem in the stims from Teacher’s Unions, Law Enforcement Unions, and other Unions within our Federal Government…

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