Destroying The Past

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Years ago a Southerner said “The past is not dead. It is not even past.” Though many will not grasp what he said or meant, he was right. Our past should really be a guideline to what our future should be. That doesn’t mean that everything in the past was perfect, but then, as long as sinful people administer our systems the future won’t be perfect either. The point is that, imperfect as the past may have been, it was still a guide to where we should be going.

For years, when I published my newsletter, The Copperhead Chronicle, I had a saying right under the masthead on the first page that said If our view of the past is faulty then our vision for the future will be also.

I think the cultural Marxists understand this better than most of us do. They realize that to mess up our future they must destroy our past I think it was George Orwell that said that “He who controls the past controls the future.” The cultural Marxists have grasped this truth. I’m not sure most of us have even begun to consider it. We need to. Programs such as Critical Race Theory that I recently wrote about and this latest monstrosity called History 1619 that is being forced into public schools are telling our kids egregious lies about our history and our heritage. Thankfully President Trump has sought to expose both of these and get them out of the federal government. Let’s hope he does not get lots of blowback from these efforts You can bet if Biden gets elected, by whatever means, in November that both of these horrible agendas will be put back in place. The absolute last thing the leftists want your kids to learn is real history. If the kids learn real history then they will, at some point, begin to reject the lies of the left about our past. The reason we have so much trouble with some of our kids is that these lies about our history and heritage have been peddled in public schools literally for decades.

The left realizes that if they can lie long enough and big enough then kids in the South and kids in the far West will learn to reject their heritages, which are both much better and more positive than they are portrayed and so you have this barrage of communist crap out there about how horrendous and how “racist” our cultural heritages are and, quite frankly, it is all a pile of cow chips.

Years ago, in order to preserve their cultures the Scots and Irish had what they called “hedge schools” meaning that they were taught behind the hedges so no one would know about them. Maybe we need something like that again here, where our history and culture can be taught to our young folks because they sure ain’t getting any of that in school.

If the truth be told, not all of our ancestors were evil racists whose sole interest in life was keeping black people under their thumb. Were there some like that? Sure there were, but they were not the majority even in ante-bellum days. I recently did an article on terrorist John Brown, to which I got a reply from one leftist personality that told me John Brown was a hero for killing all those racist Southerners in Kansas (none of which owned any slaves). I replied back to him that I wondered if those blacks that owned black slaves were also racist. I put that to him as a question. I’m glad I haven’t been holding my breath waiting for an answer. Because when you put an honest question to the leftists they don’t have answers–all they have is name calling and insults. Which means they are political frauds.

We have got to start teaching our kids to be thankful to God for their heritage and not to be ashamed of it. And we need to start learning enough about our history and heritage that we can throw the cultural Marxists lies back in their teeth because when we do that they don’t have answers and such becomes apparent when they reply.

The other day, when we were riding down Route 2 in north Louisiana we saw a big black pickup truck with a big Confederate flag in the back of it flying in the breeze. That was the first time I had seen anything like that around here in at least four years and I was surprised. Maybe it’s a harbinger of things to come. Let’s hope so!

2 thoughts on “Destroying The Past

  1. It’s NOT “Hedge Schools” we need to start again! What we need to do is hitch up our big boy pants and take our Education Institutions, and other treasured U.S. institutions back from the Marxist/Socialist/Progressive, who have been brainwashing our U.S. kids since the early 1960s, and re-institute our traditional American curricula and conservative administrators and teachers!

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