Critical Race Theory

by Al Benson Jr.

I recently read that Donald Trump has banned the use of something called Critical Race Theory by federal entities, particularly public schools, which are, contrary to what many think, federal entities. If they were not federal entities we would not have a federal Department of Education at the cabinet level. But we do, so they are federal entities whether we care to admit that or not.

A site called talks about Critical Race Theory. It says, in part, “In short, critical race theory presupposes that everything about American society is thoroughly racist, and minority groups will never be equal until American society is completely reformed. This position is extremely controversial, even in secular circles. Critical race theory is often posed as a solution to white supremacy or white nationalism. Yet, in practice, it essentially does nothing than inverting the oppressed and oppressor groups.”

In other words, instead of “white racism” we would end up with black racism. But for the people that promote this hogwash that would be okay. If you think this sounds like something straight out of the Marxist playbook you are right on target.

The article also noted that “From a political standpoint, critical race theory closely aligns with concepts such as communism, Marxism, nationalism, progressivism…and the modern version of social justice. Strictly speaking, the Bible neither commands nor forbids Christians regarding specific political parties or philosophies. However, believers are obligated to reject any aspect of a philosophy that conflicts with biblical ideals. Critical race theory is deeply rooted in worldviews that are entirely incompatible with the Bible.” In other words, critical race theory is unbiblical, or anti-biblical.

As for its use in public schools, I also read an article on by Michael McCaffrey. I am not sure of the date on this as it did not turn up on my printout of the article but it can’t be too old. Mr. McCaffrey noted, in part, “This summer, I got an unpleasant initiation into the culture war when, in the wake of the George Floyd killing, my five-year-old child’s elementary-middle public charter school here in Los Angeles went from being an academic institution interested in preparing students for the workplace and college to an ideological hotbed devoted to promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT) over all other subjects…A shameless example of CRT indoctrination in action is that the very first lesson to my child’s kindergarten class this autumn was “how to be an activist.” Five-year-olds do not need to be taught this socialist drivel, nor kids at any age for that matter. They need to be taught, when they are old enough to understand, the truth about Marxist and socialist propaganda, but don’t hold your breath waiting for public schools to do that. Most Christian schools don’t even attempt that. But at least with Christian schools you won’t get critical race theory shoved down the kid’s throats–unless the school is Christian in name only. And if that’ s the case your kids need to be somewhere else.

President Trump has banned this for use in public schools. It will be interesting to see how quickly those public schools that are now using it will get rid of it. My guess is they will drag their feet as long as they can. Trumps “education secretary” should be on top of getting this out of public schools. Again, I’m not holding my breath! I am afraid she is learning how to be another Washington bureaucrat.

The public schools have had, and will continue to have major problems of education vs. indoctrination–with the emphasis on indoctrination. As such, Christians need to avoid them like the plague and other patriotic Americans should also. Their foundations are extremely shaky and leftist and they should be avoided by those that care about their children.


7 thoughts on “Critical Race Theory

  1. Al, I am not sure our public school systems, “…which are, contrary to what many think, federal entities” actually under the legislative control of the Federal Government. The Federal Department of Education as only formed on October 17, 1979…

    I spent many ears in the Florida public education and private university environment and interacted as an Administrator with Federal agencies on many occasions.

    What the Federal Government does is control local public education and training systems and schools, colleges and educational institutions is by granting them Federal taxpayer dollars for a large number of things, including program development, management and teaching funds. They also provide funds to hire program managers and teachers. I wrote and had funded many, many Federal grants for a variety of programs… Essentially the Feds control local education by providing or denying funds in excess of their locally provided funds, in the case of FL it’s the “FTE” system. For example 1 FTE equals 1 full-time student, but for part time-students it takes more than one to get 1 FTE..I don’t know what the monetary value of 1 FTE is today because I have been retired since 1997… Our property taxes have a big percentage that goes into funding our FL public education K-12 schools, vo-tech school, colleges and universities. So they are locally funded and under the control of the Florida Education Department, not the Federal Government…

  2. Al,
    It’s just as bad either way, the state or the feds. They are controlling what our kids learn or don’t learn. My experience with public education and what it does goes all he way back to the West Virginia textbook protest in 1975-77. When the rotten textbooks came out in West Virginia the folks went to all their local, state and national politicians and none could or would help them get rid of the raunchy texts.

    As the protests continued I was told by reliable people that there was an order from Washington sent to the state that basically told the state to shut down the protests any way they had do. So the state sent in the deputy sheriffs and other “law” enforcement and they literally beat the protest into submission. Soo when it comes to the public education question I don’t trust the state anymore than I trust the feds. Local property taxes may fund these schools but they are still government entities, whether that govt. is state or federal. The local folks have littlel to say about what goes on in them.

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    “In other words, instead of “white racism” we would end up with black racism. But for the people that promote this hogwash that would be okay. If you think this sounds like something straight out of the Marxist playbook you are right on target.” – Al Benson Jr.

    “Racial diversity” might be OK if what they were really after was a whole bunch of different kinds of people (as the term “diversity” is defined). But that ain’t what they want. What they want is a mass of inbred mindless mutts they can control. — jtl, 419

  4. This is a great article and I hope a lot of people take time to read about this subject. There is another area that is affected by this “Critical Race Theory” that I think is extremely important as well. I am talking about our churches, I don’t know if all denominations are jumping on board with this but some definitely are. I really think this action in churches will end up causing a lot of people to stop attending and I may well be one of those people.

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