Keeping Trump Out Of Office Even If (When) He Wins

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have observed articles on the net in the past few days about how the leftist Democrats and their “Never Trump” friends in the Republican Party plan to deny Donald Trump his second term even if he wins it. Trump is not a part of the Deep State Establishment and so they cannot allow him a second term to continue undoing all they have been working toward for decades in their effort to “Make America Last” in their drive for globalist world government.

Since the two articles I quote briefly from here are rather lengthy I will note the authors and the articles and recommend that you check both out on your own. But realize this–the people mentioned in these articles do intend to deny Trump a second term even if he wins one. They will work to stop him any way they can, any way they have to, legal, illegal, whatever works for them. They don’t care how.

The first article is by Whitney Webb and appeared on It noted that “A group of ‘bipartisan’ neoconservative Republicans and establishment Democrats have been simulating multiple catastrophic scenarios for the 2020 election, including a simulation where a clear victory by the incumbent provokes ‘unprecedented’ measures, which the Biden campaign could take to foil a new Trump inauguration…Per several media reports on the group, called the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) they justify these exercises as specifically preparing for a scenario where President Trump loses the 2020 election, and refuses to leave office, potentially resulting in a constitutional crisis. However, according to TIP’s own documents, even their simulations involving a ‘clear win’ for Trump in the upcoming election resulted in a constitutional crisis, as they predicted that the Biden campaign would make bold moves aimed at securing the presidency, regardless of the election result.”

Read that again. Do you realize what they are telling you here? They plan to deny Trump a second term even if he wins one. In other words, what the American people voted for will be denied them because it conflicts with the Deep States agenda.

Webb continues: “Such concerns are only magnified by the recent claims made by the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State under Obama, Hillary Clinton, that Biden should not concede under any circumstances.” I watched the video of her saying just that.

No doubt part of this votescam is to deluge the postal service with tons of mail in ballots that will take weeks and weeks to sort through and many of which will not be legitimate to begin with. I have read articles about peoples dead cats getting mail in ballots. I just wonder who fills those out for the felines, dead or alive, that receive them.

Another article, this one by Michael Anton on deals with the same situation. Anton observed that “The second part of the plan is either to produce enough harvested ballots–lawfully or not–to tip close states, or else dispute the results in close states and insist no matter what they talley says, that Biden won them.”

So you can begin to see that, unless all this is exposed to the public at large, the Democratic fix will be in for the next election, and Trump will be out even if he wins, which is entirely likely. And you can rest assured that the mainstream fake news media will not bother to inform you of any of this because they are complicit. Please check out the sites I noted here and read the articles yourself.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Trump Out Of Office Even If (When) He Wins

  1. Who got the most votes last election? (BBC)
    Trump 61,201,031 votes
    Clinton 62,523,126 votes

    Who got the job? Trump.
    Seems to me it didn’t matter who gets what.
    There are forces in the US who decide who is going to be the new (or returning POTUS), and it ain’t the electorate.

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