Kyle Rittenhouse–sacrificial sheep for the communist revolution

by Al Benson Jr.

It is beginning to look like the communist revolutionaries in the streets have overplayed their hand. In some areas people are beginning to fight back, even to shoot back, and when they do, the Marxists don’t always come out on top.

So leftist-oriented city governments have to find ways to compensate for that. In St. Louis, when the McCloskys dared to defend their home and property with an AR 15 in the face of Black Lives Matter protesters who threatened their home, someone showed up later that day to confiscate their weapons, essentially leaving them helpless in the face of the Marxist mob.

And now we have Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin who shot three BLM protesters in self-defense and is now in jail for that, charged with first degree murder. What about the protesters that were chasing him with the intent to do him bodily harm? Well, no charges for them. After all, they are communists, so they automatically get a pass.

I watched Tucker Carlson’s interview with Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer and it looks like, from that, plus other things I have read, that Kyle fought back in self defense. He was trying to avoid trouble and was trying to leave the scene as the protesters chased him down. When he fell down, at that point he shot two of his attackers in order to defend himself. Apparently, in Kenosha, it is a crime to defend yourself against your attacker if he is a communist. It seems we really do have a two-tiered system of justice in this country–one standard for the leftists and their buddies and totally another for those who try to defend themselves against leftist brutality.

Dr. Boyd Cathey had some insightful commentary on for today, September 2nd. He observed: “Tucker Carlson interviewed Rittenhouse’s attorney again on the August 31 program…You won’t hear about this on CNN, on MSNBC, or at NBC, CBS, ABC, or in the New York Times or Washington Post…or on your local media outlets. In other words according to the fake media Rittenhouse is guilty–the evidence that exculpates him be damned–time to string him up and execute him (actually, Antifa/Black Lives Matter militants are apparently trying to find  where he is being held on ‘murder’ charges so they might go and do just that…Where are our law enforcement agencies?). Good question. Actually, it would seem that where they are at is being directed by their city officials to make sure no one interferes with the communist thugs that are destroying their city.

There seems to be a lesson here for normal folks and as I watch all these communist protests it becomes more and more obvious. And the lesson is this–if you dare to defend yourself, your home, or your property against any kind of communist thugs you will be prosecuted and you will pay the price for that. 

That is the message that is coming through loud and clear in all this. I have asked this question before and I guess I will ask it again. How many of these city governments, at the mayoral and/or city council level are Marxist in their orientation?

Folks, let’s don’t kid ourselves. None of these protests you are seeing almost nightly now are spontaneous, with their real concern being racial justice. They are all orchestrated and well-organized and their intent, and the intent of those that pay for them and hire many of the protesters, is communist revolution in our streets–to be followed by other acts of communism even worse. Over the decades communists have killed millions all over the world. It is their standard operating procedure (SOP). You think it will be any different here?

What they are trying to do is to make all this seem normal to ordinary folks, that and trying to blame Trump for all of their carnage just before the election. A Biden presidency will be one of their fondest dreams because they realize with that, that no one is going to put a damper on what they are trying to do.

But you have to have some sacrificial sheep to accomplish all that–people who have stood up against them and had to pay the price for resisting Marxist aggression. That is supposed to teach the rest of us to shut up and sit down.

So Kyle Rittenhouse will be made an example of–guilty until proven innocent–and even if that does happen he will be marked for life. They will never let him forget, nor will our fake news media. Look what they have done to Joe McCarthy over the years, and if you read some of the material from that time period you begin to realize that McCarthy never went after anyone he didn’t already know was a Communist. But he dared to oppose and expose Communists, and that is a cardinal sin in this country anymore, has been for decades now.

Young Mr. Rittenhouse and his attorney need our prayers because they are going to railroad this youngster if they can to teach the rest of us how foolish it is to resist communist aggression at any level.

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