Louisiana Does Not Need A Radical Leftist Senator

by Al Benson Jr.

Bill Cassidy here in Louisiana ran for senator as a conservative and Louisiana elected him. Checking him out I find that his rating in the New American Conservative Index is only 40%–not all that high for a sterling conservative. I guess the old saying holds true–“when you get to Washington turn left.” It seems most politicians end up doing that.

This year it seems Mr. Cassidy has lots of opposition. According to The Ouachita Citizen, the only newspaper in my area that I will bother reading lists his main opposition as Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins. Perkins is black and a graduate of West Point, but the good news ends right there.

According to an article in the Shreveport Times for February 6th of this year “Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins has endorsed Democrat Mike Bloomberg for president, while Bloomberg named Perkins as a national co-chair of young elected officials for the campaign to advise on strategy”. And while Bloomberg is gone at this point, and with his departure has gone Perkins’ co-chair position as well, nonetheless this shows that Adrian Perkins is a creation of the Hard Left in this country and of Louisiana particularly. Many will remember that one of Bloomberg’s greatest priorities was, and still is, the gutting of the Second Amendment. Does anyone with a brain in Louisiana think Perkins won’t be every bit as hard on the Second Amendment as Bloomberg would have been?

Sam Hanna, publisher of The Ouachita Citizen had a column in the issue for July 30th in which he said: “It’s not as though Perkins candidacy for the Senate came out of the blue. Speculation that he would take on Cassidy has bubbled under the surface for weeks, but very little was said officially until Perkins qualified. And overnight Perkins had a campaign staff littered with former lackeys from Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign.” Anyone that thinks Perkins isn’t on the leftist fringe, right over there with Bloomberg just hasn’t been paying attention.

Hanna asks the question at the end of his column “Is that what we want in Louisiana? A bought-and-paid-for hard-core leftist? I don’t think so.” Neither do I, but if we are not discerning in how we vote we may end up with the hard-core leftist. This should all be a wake-up call for Bill Cassidy. If he wants to keep his senate seat maybe he should start getting back to doing what the good  people of Louisiana elected him to do and start upholding the conservative principles he ran on.

Adrian Perkins will not reflect the conservative values of the voters, at least not here in North Louisiana. Maybe in New Orleans, but not  here. I wonder how many times this scenario will be played out around the country this year, with senators and house members who are not as conservative as they should be getting trounced by radical leftists. And they’ll probably wonder why.


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