Chinese Communists and American Academia

by Al Benson Jr.

To others who, like myself, have had problems with the content of public education in this country over the decades some of the information in this article should come as no surprise.

I am working my way through Arthur R. Thompson’s new book China–The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America. Mr. Thompson has one very informative chapter on American Academia and how it has been influenced by the Communist Party of China. Again, if you have followed what goes on in many public schools across America this should not surprise you at all. It will be but one more chapter in the very checkered system of public education in this country.

Mr. Thompson observes, on page 61, that “The presence of Chinese communist influence is widespread in colleges and high schools. This includes Chinese students at the college level and a variety of influence initiatives in academia. In addition, the Chinese influence within the intellectual centers of American education is also very prominent. One of these initiatives in the U.S. is the establishment of Confucius Institutes in over 80 colleges and 500 classrooms around America. They are controlled by the Chinese Ministry of Education , involve a five- year contract, and give the Chinese total control of staffing and curriculum.”

We are told all this is so that Chinese students in this country can feel “at home.” Mr. Thompson notes that, in reality, these are “…monitoring organizations aimed at their Chinese students to see that they do not deviate from the policies of the Chinese government and designed to disseminate Chinese propaganda.” Even a Deep Stater like Christopher Wray has had to admit that the FBI has been keeping tabs on the Confucius Institutes and has had “ongoing investigations” into some of them. That was back in 2018.

Mr. Thompson has noted that the Confucius Institutes keep tabs on the Chinese nationals on our campuses and that “It is not unusual for the parents in China to receive a visit from the Chinese authorities if their son or daughter does not display politically correct behavior in America.” In other words, these Chinese kids are here at the behest of the Communist Party of China for certain specific reasons and woe be to them if they fail to live up to those reasons!

Mr. Thompson tells us: “The Confucius clubs are also used to recruit American students into political activist organizations, on campus and beyond. Given the rise of radical organizations in the streets, one has to look at the influence of the Chinese communists in this activity. The history of communist organizations is targeting college campus youth around the world, organizing them into street cadres.”  I saw a certain amount of this when we lived back on the East Coast around the time of the Kent State affair. One school I know of had boxes of propaganda material sent in to students and this material had all been printed in North Vietnam. So please, don’t try to tell me communists have nothing to do with this sort of thing. They are some of the prime movers in it.

Another interesting observation by Mr. Thompson: “As stated earlier, close to 500,000 Chinese are now on American college campuses, many of them much older than the age most go to college. There seems little doubt in the minds of those familiar with the techniques used by the Chinese communists that not all of these students are actually students; they are only posing as students to gain access to America for whatever purpose the Chinese PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) has in mind.”

And he concludes this chapter on page 66 with this comment: “The Thousand Talents Program of the PLA is in full operation in the United States. It’s main thrust is to recruit Americans into working for the Chinese, either through grants or bribes, or because they agree with the political philosophy of communism. China uses all the foregoing examples, and much more, to build this web of subversion and carry out the theft of American research for its military and industrial structures.”

Like the Rev. Fred Schwarz said many years ago “You can trust the Communists (to be Communists).” We had better start waking up to just what the Chinese communists in this country are doing, lest we end up losing out to them by default. Communism ain’t dead, folks. All it did was to undergo a name change and a few cosmetic changes–just enough to fool the naive and unsuspecting into thinking it was no longer a problem. Those who have been around awhile should know better.


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