Tucker Carlson and Bad History

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Usually I enjoy watching Tucker Carlson. He gets lots of stuff right that most others either ignore or are afraid to touch. However, Tucker, like the rest of us, is only human and he doesn’t always get it all right.

A case in point was the monologue he did the other night, which a friend back east sent me. In this particular offering the best he could come up with was a mixed bag of truth and untruth.

He attacked those who are trying to tear down our monuments and destroy our history and I was with him all the way on that one. But then he made some really far out comments about the Confederacy that soured me on his commentary as a whole. In regard to our “civil war”_ aka the War of Northern Aggression, he said one side was right, the North and the other side was wrong, the South.

Sorry Tucker, but you blew it here. Your comments would lead people like yourself, who don’t know any better, to believe that War was only fought over slavery.  And that sentiment is one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated on this country.

There have been books written fully explaining why the South did not fight that War to defend slavery but had a host of other more important reasons that they fought. Tucker, maybe you need to read some real history instead of the revisionist crap they fed you in high school and college. Your comments lead me to believe you have never really read anything about the War that gave you any remote idea of what the South stood for and fought for and what they fought against.

I don’t expect you will ever read or even see my commentary here, but I would love to provide you with a list of books written by folks in the South that explain their rationale for that war. And by the way, the South did not declare war on the North.

It was never a “civil war” in the sense that both sides were contending for control of the government. The South never wanted control of the Northern government. All they wanted was to be able to depart in peace and Lincoln denied them that option. You may or may not believe in secession, but it was a legitimate option and was recognized as such. After all, it is what we did from Great Britain in 1776–we seceded from the British Empire.

I am going to provide you with a list of books here that would be helpful for you to read if you are truly going to understand why the South did what she did. None of them are New York Times best sellers but they do contain the truths that you were never taught during your educational years and, Lord willing, they may give you something to think about.

Yankee Empire–Aggressive Abroad and Despotic at Home by James and Walter Kennedy.   Shotwell Publishing, Columbia, South Carolina

Segregation–Federal Policy or Racism? by John Chodes. Shotwell Publishing, Columbia, South Carolina

The South was Right by James and Walter Kennedy. Pelican Publishing, Gretna, Louisiana

The Un-Civil War–Shattering the Historical Myths by Leonard M. Scruggs. Universal Media, Asheville, North Carolina

Slavery Was not the Cause of the War Between the States by Gene Kizer Jr. Charleston Athenaeum Press, Charleston and James Island, South Carolina

The Land We Love–The South and its Heritage by Dr. Boyd D. Cathey, The Scuppernong Press, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Lincoln’s Marxists by Al Benson Jr. and Walter Kennedy Pelican Press, Gretna, Louisiana

Some of these may be out of print or the publishers out of business, but you can probably find all of them on Amazon. I have seen all of them there from time to time.

Tucker, I have always enjoyed your material and have promoted you to many folks, but this is one area, respectfully, that you need to do a little homework in. You may or may not change your mind about all of it but you do need to look at the other side and up to this point, it does not look like you have done that. On the question of the Confederacy you sound no different than the Leftist radicals we both abhor.


If the Country Falls Whose Fault Is It?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I just finished rereading Jeff Shaara’s  interesting book The Glorious Cause. Admittedly this is historical fiction, though Shaara has stayed as close to the truth of history as he can. He has updated the dialogue to what we can understand better today, but most of the historical events are pretty close to the truth. This is the story of our first War for Independence, the one we fought in 1775 and afterwards until 1781.

We also fought a second War for Independence from 1861-65. We lost that one and not only the South, but the whole country has lived with the results of that loss when Lincoln destroyed what the founders had given us. We have never gotten it back and I doubt if we will in my lifetime or my childrens’ lifetime.

Shaara made an interesting observation on page 647. He said, in part, “…Washington knew now that if this war had been lost, it was possibly because the American people didn’t understand their responsibility.”

An interesting statement in light of where we stand (or fall) today.

We are still in a war today. The “reconstruction” that totally ruined the South is still ongoing, now encompassing the entire country and the country is losing. The “reconstructors” in our day have lots of help in tearing down the country–liberals, socialists and communists are all eagerly helping them to enact a vision for this country that is something only the Chinese Communists could love!

Do the American people, North and South, have a responsibility today to fight against this, to try to understand what is being done to them and their children and their history and culture? I think they do, but, unfortunately, the vast majority of them ain’t having any of that.

Their sense of responsibility has been “educated” out of them by what passes for educational institutions in this country–and I don’t only mean the colleges and universities. This removal of their sense of responsibility starts in K-12 and continues in higher learning.

By the time most of our kids have gone through 16 years of what passes for education in this country they hardly know upside down from inside out, but their “educators” have convinced them they are all brilliant. They have been taught their “responsibility” is to make money, have a good time, and learn to support every socialist group and project their professors have taught them is worthy of emulation.

To say our young folks need a thorough re-education is only to state the obvious.

There are places to begin with this. How many folks during the onslaught of this Chinese virus were stuck at home with their kids because everything except abortion clinics, liquor stores and markets was shut down? Some of these folks began to learn how to teach their kids at home and found, to their own amazement, that they could do a pretty fair country job of it if they just worked at it–and they didn’t need the public school material that was plastered all over the internet for them. Some of these folks will not send their kids back to public school next Fall and the home school community will gain many new adherents. That’s one step in the right direction. Parents out there  who have begun to see the educational light can now check out the Freedom Academy Project and Ron Paul’s Home School Program among others.

An article in the New American for April 20th, by Alex Newman, noted that “…millions of parents are now learning they are capable of homeschooling, as well as getting a much closer look at the indoctrination their kids are subjected to (in public school) …nationwide celebrities ranging from  talk-show titan Rush Limbaugh to evangelist Franklin Graham urged parents to remove their children from public schools. Truly a step in the right direction! There was a time when Christian pastors would not begin to touch the major problem the public school system is. Many still won’t, for fear they might “offend” some school teacher in their congregation, but more and more, some are stepping out and saying what needs to be said–if you want to keep your country then get your kids out of public school!

You folks here in the South ought to really begin to grasp this. The public schools here, in the main, have trashed your Southern history and culture and yet too many of you keep putting your kids into them and then wondering why your kids don’t share your worldview when it comes to Southern heritage.

I pray the Lord will wake more of you up so you can see that you have a responsibility to make sure your kids are properly educated, whether you do it at home or via a Christian school or whatever way you choose–and putting them back in public school is not a valid option unless you absolutely can do nothing else!

Will we again learn to be responsible citizens who care about saving this country. What we decide about how we educate our kids might answer that question for us.

So Who Has Been Getting Big Bucks From the Liberal Foundations?

by Al Benson Jr.

Lots of folks realize in a general sort of way that big liberal foundations fund the far left. That’s not new news. The John Birch Society documented this trend decades ago. Probably over 30 years ago now they put out a booklet called Foundations and Tax Free Cash. I may still have an old copy of it floating around here somewhere in this chaos that is my office.

Be that as it may, the price of the leftist game has been upped considerably.

An article on http://www.washingtontimes.com for August 16, 2016 carried the headline Black Lives Matter cashes in with $100 million from liberal foundations. The article noted that: “For all its talk about being a street uprising, Black Lives Matter is increasingly awash in cash, raking in pledges of more than $100 million from liberal foundations and others eager to contribute to what has become the grand-making cause de jour… That funding comes in addition to more than $33 million in grants to the Black Lives Matter movement from top Democratic Party donor George Soros through his Open Society Foundations, as well as grant-making from the Center for American Progress.” The article also mentioned the Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy kicking in loot.

So if anyone deigns to tell you how poor and downtrodden these Leftist outfits are and how badly they need your hard earned dollars to fight “racism” you can laugh in their faces. Hundreds of millions for Leftist front groups ain’t chump change, folks.

Most of these far Left groups are very will funded, have more cash than you can even dream about, which means one thing.  They are not out there to truly help the poor and downtrodden. They are really out there to grab power so they can promote a far Left agenda for America–and there are “treasonous” souls in this country with big bucks who are more than willing to help them do that.

An article on the New American Magazine website for September, 2016 by C. Mitchell Shaw told us that: “While claiming to be a grassroots organization formed in response to the prevalence of police violence, Black Lives Matter  is actually 100-percent pure Astroturf.  With coffers bulging with millions of dollars from George Soros, the Ford Foundation, and other deep-pocketed individuals and groups, BLM is little more than a front organization for these leftists and their agenda  to reshaped the very fabric of American society, culture and law.”

There are tons of articles on the internet that tell you the truth about Black Lives Matter, Antifa and a whole host of other Leftist organizations. You can look until your eyes bug out and still not see all of them. But they are out there and there is no excuse for any patriotic American not to know what the Left is really all about and what they plan to do to this country with lots of help from their liberal/socialist comrades.

All they have to do is depend on most Americans being too damned lazy to check out what they are doing because what they are doing is right out there in plain sight for those willing to check it out.

Too many people prefer to think that capitalists and communists are always adversaries. Ain’t necessarily so! There are lots of capitalists that love communism–as long as they can control it–and that’s what they do with those big bucks! Too often the Left is little more than a front for the Rockefeller types–a front they use to their own advantage. If you doubt me, try to get hold of a book called The Rockefeller File. It’s old, but Amazon might still have some used copies. It’s a real eye opener.

Update: There was an interesting article on Zero Hedge for June 12th that carried the headline Anonymous Berkeley Professor Shreds BLM Injustice Narrative. This professor sent an open letter concerning this to several well known academics. Its authenticity was confirmed by a Kentucky State University Assistant Professor of Political Science. Check out the article on Zero Hedge for 6/12. It seems that even some college professors are finally    tiring of the  bilge being spread around from the bowels of the Leftist Movement.

“Racism” and the Left

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Tucker Carlson had an interesting monologue on the other night about The Rise of Left Wing Mobs in America. An article on Zero Hedge observed: “Left wing mobs have seemingly come for everyone who doesn’t 100% agree with their radical views on endemic white supremacy in American society. And now they’ve renewed their attacks on Carlson and his producers who have already survived one coordinated advertiser boycott, along with many others who don’t have nearly as many resources as the prime time Fox news host.”

“Radical leftists have never had so much influence in the culture, largely due to weak political leaders and celebrities who share and support their propaganda as if it were the most fundamental truth”  according to the article. Tucker observed: “For now it’s enough to say that the country’s defenses have been badly weakened by decades of propaganda…we are too sinful to resist, we deserve whatever we get..shut up and take it America.”

Tucker noted a scene from Sesame Street showing what a racial problem they claim we have in America. So even our kids and now to be taught how evil and “racist” we are. The Left always did have as part of its evil agenda the spewing forth of its dogma to our children. This is nothing new. They believe in “gettin’ ’em while they are young.”  Lots easier than trying to convince them when they are older!

Tucker asked the question “Who are we? Well, at this point, we are becoming North Korea…” I recall reading an article years ago by a writer, who obviously knew the score. He contended that our universities were becoming “little ivy-covered North Koreas.” He was right on the money. And with all the Chinese Communist involvement with many of our prestigious “institutions of higher learning” we are seeing those communist chickens coming home to roost–and many of  them will end up roosting in our own basements until they find work of some sort.

We are letting the Communists use our children to destroy our society and culture and it seems we just love to have it so.

Tucker Carlson has a solution to this dilemma. He feels that if only enough people will stand up and resist this barrage of leftism and do it publicly, the Leftists will start to back off. The left does not appreciate opposition–especially if it is principled opposition–since they have no principle except “the end justifies the means.”

Of course that would mean that ordinary folks would have to start learning what a total crock the whole leftist position really is so they could resist it. Whether there remains that much backbone left in the country or not we will just have to see.

It’s interesting that many of  those promoting this “all whites are inherently racist” flapdoodle are white themselves. They are people on the left who have caved into this foolishness. They fail to realize their own fragile situation in all this, because if they are white then automatically, they are “racist” too, no matter how much they protest against it.

And then we have the damn-foolishness thrown at us that it is only whites that can be “racist” and no other race has that  possibility. If you are dumb enough actually to believe that I have a bridge in the Arizona desert I’d love to sell you!

Try telling me that some Black Panther type with an AK 47 in his hand and shouting racial epithets at white folks is not “racist” and anyone with a brain will laugh in your face. At least those who have not been brainwashed yet will!

You folks who are ashamed of having  been born white should maybe take that up with God, since He made you what you are, just like He made those of other races what they are.

And all races, not just whites, have a big problem. It’s a sin problem, something we were all born with and something none of us in our own strength can do anything about. There is only one solution to that problem–and that is something we can do something about.  We can recognize that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive our sins–if we will only ask Him to do that. And if we refuse to do that, then we really have problems.

Scripture says that “In due time Christ died for the ungodly.” That’s all of us, no matter what color we are. The solution to that problem, John 14:6.

So don’t buy into all the leftist propaganda. Learn enough about it to expose it for the fraud against humanity it really is, and them embrace the One who is truly, the way, the truth and the life.

“A Very Bad Gift”

by Al Benson Jr.

An article in InfoWars.com recently noted comments from President Trump. It said, in part, “US President Donald Trump says he doesn’t know whether China and the US will be able to get along after Beijing  gave America the very bad gift of the coronavirus…I guess I view the trade deal (with China) a little bit differently than I did three months ago. The ink wasn’t dry on that deal when the plague floated in.”

Trump suggested that questions need to be asked about why Beijing stopped the Wuhan Virus from spreading in China but not other parts of the world. It’s a good question and I hope he keeps asking it. You can be sure he won’t get any help from the mainstream media because they are all in Red China’s back pocket–along with China’s wallet!

Trump also noted that “…how come it came out to Europe, to the world, to the United States. So it didn’t go to China–they stopped it cold, they knew it was a problem, but they didn’t stop it from coming to the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. Somebody has to ask these questions.”

You almost get the impression Mr. Trump is asking these questions rhetorically–because he already knows the answers. And he’s right! Communist China loosed this virus on the rest of the world while protecting her own. They let their disease carriers travel all over the world–except in China.

You can’t tell me that this was not deliberate on the part of Communist China. If you think this was all “accidental” then you haven’t been paying attention and you lack the ability to discern the Communist mindset. This is exactly the kind of thing a Communist country would do It’s evil and diabolical–but then so is Communism!

They had early info about the capability of this virus–and they had that information behind the shield of one of their favorite running dogs–the United Nations World Health Organization. 

There are useful idiots who dare to condemn us for defunding the World Health Organization, and I’m being charitable by calling  them useful idiots. They are either totally naïve or they fervently hope we are. I pray Mr. Trump sticks with his plan to defund the WHO and doesn’t cave in to socialist pressure to relent. Rest assured he will get the pressure–from those who want us to continue to fund our own destruction.

We should permanently defund the WHO and all other United Nations agencies. The United Nations is NOT our friend and we damn well better start getting use to that idea.

Communism is Evil. So Are Those That Promote It.

by Al Benson Jr.

I grew up during the Cold War years, watched a little of Joe McCarthy and others on the news but as a teenager I didn’t take it all to seriously. I had the vague feeling that Communism was bad but didn’t know much about it beyond that.

My “Damascus Road” regarding Communism,  if you want to call it that, did not come until I was 30 years old and on my honeymoon. My new bride and I had just gotten back from a couple weeks of camping and we went to a Bible study at our church one morning.

During the study the Pastor handed out a book by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand  called Tortured for Christ. It was the story of a Lutheran pastor in Communist Romania who had spent 14 years in a Communist prison there. His crime? He would not renounce his Christian faith, nor would he kowtow to the Marxist government there in regard to it.

Reading that book gave me the shock of my life. The things the Communist government forced Christians to do to humiliate and degrade them forced me to conclude, as I read the book, that if Communism had to do such to people only because they were Christians then Communism had to be a totally, evil and depraved form of virulent anti-Christianity. That was over 50 years ago now and in all those years I have never seen anything having to do with communism that has changed my mind. It is still the same anti-Christ system it has ever been since Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto for the Illuminati back in 1848.

Reading Rev. Wurmbrand’s book literally changed my life. It bothered me so much that I had trouble sleeping at night. The idea of persecuting Christians just for being Christians blew my mind. At that point I did not realize that this sort of thing went on–still goes on in many places in the world–and it even gaining traction in this country as I write this. Yes, there are people in this country and our day and age that want to  persecute the church if it will not bow the knee to the Deep State, the New World Order.

Eventually, I got over my shock at all this and asked the Lord what He felt I should do about it, for I had to do something. In His good time, He showed me and I have sought to do that ever since. He put more books in front of me and led me to people that could teach me what I needed to know about communism and those that protect and promote it and He taught me how to expose it as the corrupt and evil system it is. I have sought to work at this, as the Lord increased my knowledge, for the rest of my life.

Some things in life had to change. Many, if not most of my hobbies and recreation had to go or be drastically reduced from what they had been. The Lord didn’t take it all away, because everyone needs some recreation, but He took lots of it away because I needed that time to work at the calling He had given me.

At the end of this month it will be 51 years since all this happened and if I had to do it all over again, I would still do the same thing, only hopefully, maybe a little bit smarter.

As I went along I learned that, as evil and pernicious system as communism was, even more evil and anti-Christ were the people that promoted and financed it. I am not able to go into this here in great depth, but I will mention a book I have noted before that will give you much information about all this.

It is one published by Western Islands and written by Arthur R. Thompson called In the Shadows of the Deep State. This will give you good background on those people that supported and promoted communism for their own evil ends and to promote One World Government–something else that is anti-Christ. Believe me it is worth the read.

Freedom–It’s Unappreciated

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

In the movie Braveheart as William Wallace lay on the rack the last thing he cried before he died was the word “Freedom!” Wallace had fought to make Scotland free from English domination, only to be betrayed by some of the Scottish nobles who should have known better but didn’t seem to.

Wallace’s cry for freedom went unanswered until the Battle of Bannockburn several years later.

Just of late I  have been reading a book by Janice Hold Giles called Run Me A River. It takes place in Kentucky at the start of the War of Northern Aggression and is a work of historical fiction,  a genre Ms. Giles is really good it. She has done several works of historical fiction, from the days of the American War for Independence until the days of stagecoaching in the Old West, many of them about two or three families she has followed through their generations. I have read and re-read most of them because she wrote about  places I had been and enjoyed having been there.

But in this one I am reading now one of her characters made an incisive comment I guess I had missed before, because it jumped off the page as I read it, page 204, and I went back and underlined it for future reference.

The character, an old Kentucky judge in a small town, made the statement: “But freedom’s a hard-bought thing and it don’t stay bought. You’ve got to keep buying it over and over again. And sometimes you get killed buying it–…”

The simple truth of that statement is penetrating even in our day. Freedom is never “free” it comes with a price–and the reason we have so little of it today is that most folks are just not willing to pay that price. It’s easier for them to take the so-called “security” of government, which really isn’t all that secure, than to be willing to stand up for the God-given freedom we have had bequeathed to us by the Sovereign God of Scripture. We might have to sweat a little, get our hands dirty, and even sacrifice something to hang onto our freedom–and most folks just can’t be bothered anymore. Most of our educational systems have taught them it’s really better to follow the Chinese Communist plan for “freedom” and so, having been thus taught, they look no further.

Their children and grandchildren will be the losers for this, but they have not thought far enough ahead to figure that out yet, and quite possibly they never will. And, sad to say, there are many Christians that fit into the mold. The odd theologies many of them have been taught in the last 150 years have left them ill-equipped to deal with the world as it really is. They have been taught to live only to escape this world and its responsibilities and I don’t believe the Lord is going to let them do that.

God-given freedom in Christ is the ultimate freedom, but it usually comes with responsibilities, and too many Christians in our day ain’t having any of that.

Most of us don’t appreciate the God-given freedoms that have been passed on to us, spiritual freedom, economic and political freedom, and others as well, and so we are not willing to fight or contend for them. More’s the pity. As I said earlier, our descendants will be the losers for our laziness.

Far too many fight one battle, figure they have done their bit, and go home. They never grasp the salient fact that freedom has to be  won and bought over and over and if you are not willing to do that you will lose it.

I don’t expect a lot of readership for this article–not a popular topic–but it was something I had to say. I pray the Lord will reach those He wants to with it.

“Communist Insurrection”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The title of the Epoch Times video was right on the money. It stated “Cities Burn but none dare call it Communist Insurrection.” That really says it all about what has been going on in cities across this country in the last few days—Communist Insurrection.

An article on InfoWars.com a day or so ago noted: “The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapter of Broward County, Florida is organizing anti-police protest activity in Florida in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in police custody and also convened a direct action training session Wednesday on ‘how to manage a protest’.”

The Washington Times for 5/30 carried an article that said: “The Trump Administration blamed on Saturday far-left groups using Antifa tactics for fomenting the violent protests upending Minneapolis and other major cities, even as Minnesota Democrats say they are looking at  white supremacists and far=right extremists.” I would expect nothing else from Minnesota Democrats other than seeking to pin the blame for all this mess on the “far right.” This is so typical of the cultural Marxist crowd–blame your opposition for what you yourself have been doing! Most of those on the “far right” do not employ “Antifa-like” tactics. The Leftists do that. It’s their stock in trade.

One Minnesota politician, a Democrat and former congressman, warned about “evil rioters seeking to sully the image of social justice demonstrators.” In case most folks don’t realize it, the “social justice” demonstrators are all over there on the far left of the political spectrum.

An article on Zero Hedge for today noted that “law enforcement officials have reported finding huge piles of rocks and bricks pre-staged at  protest locations in advance, and scouts have often been used to direct rioters to locations where police are not present. In addition, something we have been hearing over and over again is that many of the people that are involved in the violence are not known by any of the locals.” The article noted “This isn’t just a few angry protests smashing a few windows. This is organized crime at a very high level and these people know exactly what they are doing.”

If you have followed this sort of thing for years as I and others have, you realize this operation smacks of all the hallmarks used by the hard Left. This is their modus operandi. And they operate this way to a tee while Democrats and other useful idiots try to pin the blame on “right-wing extremists.” This sort of thing has gone on at least since the 1960s–a new set of leftist  players, but the same game.

Art Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society, has noted that “…there is no such thing as a spontaneous, large scale riot like we are seeing today. These riots have been planned and are a way to get people into the streets to manipulate them into violence making it appear as if it was a revolution.” Thompson continues: “The destruction of these cities increases the opportunity for them to get involved in government programs rather than the free enterprise system…Once the local police lose the support of the citizens,  the movement begins to have a national presence over our local police. Local citizens would then no longer have jurisdiction over their local police as they would be governed by a national police agency.” In other words, the same police situation they now have in Communist China!

Do you begin to have some idea of where all this is going? It is just another version of the same old pressure from above and pressure from below that I have written about in the past. As you watch the Leftists operate their schemes you begin to realize that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Strange Animals

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Way back when, when I was a member of the John Birch Society, (an organization I endorse by the way) I had it explained to me that we had three specific groups of adversaries–liberals, socialists, and communists. As time went on I found this to be true. These three groups were diametrically opposed to all things truly patriotic and pro-American. At my advanced age now, I find this to still be true. Their vision for America, although they would steadfastly deny it, is the Chinese Communist Party’s vision for America.

I also noted, a few decades back, as I got involved with the Southern Heritage Movement, that this worthwhile movement also had the same enemies–liberals, socialists, and communists. I also found it interesting that many people in the Southern Heritage Movement, even today, fail to realize or grasp this truth.

They fight their battles to preserve their Southern heritage one at a time as though each battle was a separate entity totally by itself and not related to any of the other Southern heritage battles.

In general it has not occurred to many of them (although some realize it) that these attacks on their heritage and  culture are all orchestrated by certain individuals and groups that are pretty well interlocked with one another.

When I see an assault on our Southern heritage the first thing I try to do is note the people  involved in that attack and then  try to check out any organizations they are involved  with. Almost without exception those involved belong to some far Left organization that has ties to other leftist organizations that are doing the same thing. So, please, don’t try to tell me that all these attacks on our heritage are totally local and spontaneous. That’s a crock and those that peddle it know that.

Groups like Antifa and Black Lives matter who routinely trash our heritage are all on the left and  they and a host of other less well known groups are all involved with helping one another. We need to start doing a little more homework and beginning to note the connections they have with each other and then we may begin to see how our enemies are all connected with each other in various ways.

Back in the old days when it was still considered evil to be a Communist, the Communist Party in this country and in others had what they called Communist Front Groups. These groups were organized and mostly run by Communist Party members but they had noble sounding names for themselves and they had members in them that did not realize they were part of a Communist front group–useful idiots as it were. They were not technically part of the Communist Party but they were run by Communists.

It’s a little different today, but not all that much. If you look at some of these anti-South groups amongst us and scratch some of the leaders of them you will almost find, if not out right Communists, many who are ultra-liberals and socialists. Many of these are well on their way to being communists of one sort or another. They just don’t realize it yet. Give them time.

One glaring example comes to mind–W. E. B. DuBois. He started out as a liberal and  ended up joining the Communist Party before he died. He had been moving left gradually for years and finally went all the way and took the plunge into full-blown Communism.

Many of our  so-called liberals today are  potential candidates for some kind of communism.

So learn to start checking out your anti-South bigots and the groups they are affiliated with. You will find most all of them are connected with some sort of leftist group or groups. That should tell you who your real enemies are. As I said, some of our Southern Heritage folks realize this and point to it. But most do not and they need to learn.

The Leftists Never Quit. We Should Take a Lesson From That

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The country is totally besieged with this Chinese virus almost to the point of having been totally shut down. But through all that, the socialists and communists among us have never quit in their attempt to trash and destroy our culture, especially here in the South. They view all this mayhem with the Chinese virus as a golden opportunity to administer the death blow to Southern culture.

Over this past weekend they destroyed a Confederate monument in Linn Park in Birmingham, Alabama. The monument had been the focus of a legal fight in that city and the destruction wrought upon it now gives the city’s mayor a great excuse to remove the monument.

Interestingly enough the monument was torn down because the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota killed a black man. I just wonder what “Southern heritage group” in Minnesota they will blame for this now. So a man in Minnesota gets killed and to commemorate this awful act they tear down a Confederate monument in Alabama. Almost seems a little far-fetched until you think about it.

But when you think about it you realize it isn’t. You have to understand that the Leftists in this country will use any excuse, anywhere, to claim “moral superiority” as they seek to tear down anything that they feel smacks of Southern heritage, history and culture.

This is what the Left does. They hate our guts and make no bones about that–and we are supposed to like it. And it would seem that many here in the South don’t mind it all that much because they do or say nothing that will offend the Leftist scumbags that do this stuff.

It seems, nowadays, as if the Southern will to defend our heritage and culture seems almost nil. I realize there are exceptions to this and I am not talking about or to those exceptions. I am talking to those folks that just don’t seem to care one way or the other. If you willfully ignore this Leftist crap, then shame on you. The culture and heritage you lose will be your own so don’t complain when it no longer exists because you will be part of  the reason it doesn’t.

When I was the treasurer of the Confederate Society of America in 2015, Nikki Haley took the Confederate flag down at the State capital in South Carolina. That started a whole rash of flag and monument removal and destruction all across the South and other places. It alarmed Southern folks and membership in the CSA shot up–unfortunately, only briefly.

When the hue and cry started to die down the newly alarmed CSA members folded their tents and went back to sleep. Very few new membership renewals in 2016. To me this proved that most Southern folks still don’t get it.

They don’t grasp who our real enemies are or how they operate. Our main adversaries are those on the political and theological Left–and those people never, never quit their assault on us and our heritage. Most of our folks go and fight one battle, think they’ve won the war and just go home to rest of their laurels. We quit–the Leftists just keep coming–and we wonder why we are losing.

Maybe in a hundred years we will figure it out, but by then it will be too late. Our culture and heritage will be gone and we will still be resting on those laurels because they will be all we have left!