It’s All Nothing But Black Racism

by Al Benson Jr.

In checking over some of the monuments the Black Lives Matter groups and significant other similar groups have been pulling down recently you discover that almost any statue or monument of any white person is fair game for these black Marxists.

They don’t pretend to know their history, but, hey, how much history do you need to know to tear down a monument, any monument, to some old white guy?

I saw an article a few days ago about where rioters in Philadelphia defaced a statue of Matthias Baldwin. Who was he? Well, it turns out he was an early abolitionist who campaigned against slavery three decades before it ended. To these anti-slavery rioters, Baldwin should have been one of the good guys. But he had a serious  problem–he was white–and so, good guy or not, his statue had to come down. Any statue or monument to any white guy needs to come down.

Protesters also defaced the Shaw memorial. I’m not just sure where that is, but what it commemorates is an all black battalion that opposed slavery during the War of Northern Aggression. I wonder if they were opposed to slavery in the four slave states that remained in the Union during that war.

It seems that about the only statues of old white guys that are safe anymore are statues of Marx and Lenin, of which a couple are in existence in the Pacific Northwest. Either the protesters just have not discovered them or, due to their stance among leftist protesters they continue to remain on sacred ground. Untouchable! Which should tell you something about where the protesters are coming from.

Outside of the statues of Marx and Lenin, any statue of any old white guy is now fair game, even if he happens to be someone who opposed slavery–either North or South, makes no difference anymore.

The leftist assault against anything Confederate was the first main assault against American history, heritage and culture. Once the lefties got by with that one they knew it was safe to go after all American symbols in general. So their crusade against all things Confederate morphed into its second stage–an attack against all things American in general.

This will continue until they have totally destroyed our history in this country, because he who controls the past also controls the future.

There are many brave souls that try to combat this, just as there were some who fought against the destruction of Confederate heritage, but there were just not enough of them and the leftist media controlled the narrative most people received.

Could we have used more help with this? Sure we could, but there were just not enough good folks that cared enough to fight back to preserve their heritage and the same will probably prove true regarding American heritage in general.

The political and theological left may prevail and if they do it will be because not enough people cared about what they would leave to their children to do anything about it.

This may sound a tad gloomy, but I hope it may also serve as a wake up call. If you care about what you leave your kids then you damn well better wake up and do something about it while there is still a slim chance that you can.

Unless we are willing to let the black Marxist racists just take over we better start to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s worthy of note that those who try to tar all white folks with that racist brush are, themselves, the most racist of all.

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