“Trained Marxists”

by Al Benson Jr.

I have watched in utter amazement as the political class, both Democrats and Republicans, have absolutely fawned over Black Lives Matter, as though this group was akin to the Second Coming.

From the Democrats I expect this, as most of them are works in progress when it comes to embracing Marxism in some form. Marxism so very neatly fits into their agenda–the same way it did for the fledgling Republican Party back in the late 1850s.

In recent decades, though, the Republican Party made some pretense at being conservative. It would now appear that many of them are working their way back to the way they started out in the 1850s. I can’t believe “conservative” Republicans are this stupid but it would seem that more and more of them are now willing to bend with whatever way they seem to think the political wind is blowing, left, right, whatever. If that is truly the case, then it means that many of them have no moral guidelines to follow except what they think they will gain momentarily.

To those Republican wannabees who think the public is too stupid to  follow what they are doing, I would point to an article on Zero Hedge over the weekend.

The article noted that Patrisse Cullors, reported to be one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, described BLM organizers in 2015 as Trained Marxists. This was on a video that I watched and she was very explicit. So why are these Republicans now falling all over themselves to support an organization whose organizers, at least some of them, are trained Marxists? I noticed over the weekend, also, that Mitt Romney was with one of their groups and mouthing their shibboleths. Anyone who thinks Romney is still a conservative just ain’t paying attention.

I suppose there are lots of really weak-kneed Republicans that are so afraid of being labeled as “racists” that they will cave in to whatever anyone on the political left wants to avoid that label–even if it means totally compromising whatever principles they claim to possess.

Republican voters with conviction had better be really careful about which Republicans they vote for in the upcoming elections, lest they end up voting for a batch of wusses who are afraid to stand up for what they claim to believe.

Lots of conservative, patriotic voters voted for Republicans in the last election because they felt the Republicans would protect them from the socialist Democrats. Now they are starting to find out that the Republicans won’t protect them from much of anything and have, in fact, sold out to those who wish to take away what little liberty we still have left.

You almost get the feeling that the political class, on both sides of the aisle, have little in mind except the planned destruction of the Middle Class and the removal of our God-given freedoms. And I have to wonder if this has been the game all along–and they are using Black Lives Matter, with its cadre of trained Marxists to help them accomplish it.

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