Communists Preserve Their Own Power–and to hell with everyone else!

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently someone on the East Coast sent me a copy of The Epoch Times newspaper for June 11th. In the opinion section of the paper there was an informative article by a Diana Zhang. As she has family in China this is a pen name, used to protect them.

Ms. Zhang had an informative article on the Chinese Communist Party, which is probably typical of most Communist Parties.  Zhang noted that: “China has a unique model: ‘Enrich the party and exploit the people…When the CCP first took over China it killed landowners and took their land, killed business owners and took their businesses. Private property became state-owned–actually, CCP owned. Everything in China is owned by the CCP.  When China’s economy was close to falling off a cliff, Western countries bailed out the CCP. With the opening of trade and the U.S. market to China, China privatized a lot of the land, but CCP officials and their relatives got the lion’s share of opportunities. The CCP used the ideals of socialism to rob people of their property, then privatized it into their own hands.”

How convenient for the Chinese Communists that the West, particularly the United States, came along to bail them out in the nick of time so they would not go under completely. This was probably no accident. The West has been bailing Communist countries out ever since 1917 when Lenin and Trotsky took over Russia–with lots of help from the United States.

Communism cannot support itself. It always needs huge financial transfusions from those western countries that are supposed to be anti-Communist but whose ruling elites are really using Communism to expand their own power worldwide.

We have, in this country today, many “Americans” who finance, support and promote what the Chinese Communists have been doing. Some of them a politicians, some media and entertainment figures. And unfortunately, some of them are in Mr. Trump’s administration because he has not been able to clean out all the Obama appointees in Washington and it is doubtful if he will ever get rid of them all. So they undermine his attempts to improve the lives of the American people. For some info on these people check out Arthur Thompson’s recent book In the Shadows of the Deep State. He has an informative chapter, starting on page 190 dealing with China, Korea and Viet Nam. The book is an expose on the Council on Foreign Relations, this country’s premier One World Government organization.

Zhang has an interesting theory about the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. She claims that the leadership of the CCP don’t view China as their home country. She says they “see the country as a place temporarily held by them where they can grab the money and prepare to leave…In 2012, the following internal date leaked out: 90 percent of central party committee members had relatives and children who had emigrated to foreign countries; 85 percent of top officials  were ready to abandon their positions and escape the country.”

She seems to feel that, if push comes to shove, the comrades in Beijing will simply grab the money and run. Her theory is that they view China as a potential land-based Titanic and they have the life boats loaded with loot just in case.

The question then remains–will those who really control what the Chinese Communists do be content to let them leave or do they have other designs for China? The Chinese Communist Party is hardly the top rung on the ladder of One World Government. And One World Government is what it is really all about. So we will just have to see.

Suffice it to say that Western support for Communist China, from our recognition of them and our negating of Taiwan has been no accident. Our leaders knew what they were doing–supporting Communism for their own ends–and many of them are still doing just that.

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