Obama’s Back–If He Ever Even Left

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently, at a college commencement address, an event this is usually supposed to accent the positive, Barack Obama took time to criticize Donald Trump’s handling of the Chinese virus situation.

I expect such is about all you can expect from the likes of him.  In my opinion he is not fit to polish Trump’s boots! One is tempted to wonder just how he would have handled this virus–if you  could have gotten him to quit vacationing long enough to find out.

Trump fired back, saying Obama was corrupt–and understatement if ever there was one. For Comrade Obama being corrupt would have been a major step up! As far as he went, Trump was correct.

Obama is a Marxist, therefore he was not fit to be the president of a free country. Communist China would be much more to his taste and while in office, he tried to move this country in that direction.

Years ago on this blog, I mentioned a book called Radical in Chief  written by Stanley Kurtz. I picked it up in the used book section of the local Books A Million store for five bucks. It was one of the best investments I ever made. You may still be able to get it on Amazon, and if you can, I would urge you to order it.

Mr. Kurtz thoroughly documents Obama’s radical socialist origins and upbringing. He was basically what we call a Red diaper baby–meaning he was raised to be a Marxist from his earliest days. He never had a chance at anything else, hence he could not be anything other than what he was and still is.

Obama was never, never his own person. He was and still is only a mouthpiece for the Radical Left and still will only do and say what he Leftist handlers tell him to. He is the racist putty in their hands.

When he ran for president he told us he wanted to fundamentally transform the United States. At the time most people, particularly the useful  idiots, thought he meant something good and positive for the country. Had they only been privy to his Marxist background they would have understood that his statement did not bode well for the citizens of a Constitutional Republic but rather were more in line with what Communist China desires for its citizens–total subjugation.

That’s what Obama wanted for us–and what he still wants for us.  And he is still willing to work toward that end. This is why his outgoing administration tried so very hard to deep six the incoming Trump administration.

There are still lots of Obama holdovers in the Trump administration that he needs to get rid of. Some are gone, but not nearly enough. Keep your eyes open and watch and observe, because Obama and his Leftist coterie are nowhere near through in their efforts to unseat Trump. Let us pray that Mr. Trump realizes that fact.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Back–If He Ever Even Left

  1. Obama and Biden and his CFR riddled globalist administration were enemies of our republic long before they announced and any informed person would have NEVER voted for wither of them!

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