Communist China and the Wuhan Virus

by Al Benson Jr.

An official from the Trump administration was interviewed on television recently. I disremember his name, but he made an interesting statement. He said: “It took President Trump three and a half years to build a great economy and it took the Chinese Communist Party 60 days to destroy it.” I think this man knew the score. He understood where it was really at. This was the name of the game! 

It is now known that Communist China pressured the Marxist World Health Organization to soft-pedal info on their virus to the rest of the world way back in early December.

I understand several bills will be offered in Congress designed to hold Red China responsible for what has happened with their virus. Watch for the Democrats to attempt to deep six all of these. They want nothing bad said about their friends in Beijing, whose model of government they would love to force on the American people.

At this point it has been reported that 60% of the American public has an unfavorable view of Red China. Our managed media will now have to forge a gigantic media blitz to try to overcome that and to display to the American public what a loving, compassionate and caring regime the Chinese Communists really are and now stupid and ignorant we are for daring  to think anything bad about such wonderful people. Watch for them to attempt this very soon.

I recently read about home some face masks imported from Red China were found to be defective. It is my fond hope that America learns a lesson from the Chinese Communists–that above all–you can trust the Communists to be Communists and that’s all you can trust them for! Communists can be trusted for nothing except deception–and they are masters of deceit at that!

For all the misery they have foisted on the world (and I am not sure it was accidental or unintentional, regardless of what Dr. Fauci thinks) we need sanctions against Red China, the cancelling of our debt to them, and the shifting of all our medical material and supplies made over there back to this country.

On the theological end, the Chinese Communists are nothing but Christ haters, as are all Communists, no matter what they say. Christians in this country had better grasp that salient fact and discontinue ignoring it as though it didn’t exist.

And as far as our “entertainment” media is concerned, it has moved  from entertainment to “brainwashing 101.” Hollyweird is now kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party by willingly censoring out of American films any scene that might offend the Communists. From this fact alone, do you begin to get a glimpse of who is really running Hollyweird, who really controls what you see in many movies? Look for a Formosan flag in many Hollywood movies. You won’t see it! It is as forbidden in Hollyweird as our Confederate flags are–unless they can be shown in an unfavorable light.

How many Communist students from China are infesting our universities,  benefitting from US educations that they take back to China to use against this country. What are Harvard’s connections to Red China? There must be stuff on the internet about that by now, unless the Reds have managed to have it all scrubbed. Having spent much time in the hospital recently, I can’t say for sure.

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