Communist China Wants to Rule the World

by Al Benson Jr.

However, they do not want armed confrontation with us. Rather they prefer to use other methods to subvert us and thereby take over. Hence, they have wormed their way,  with the willing aid of socialist Americans, into our news media, our entertainment media, our schools and universities ( K-12 as well as the colleges) and all our communications media.

We need to begin to start denying them access to all of these and we had better start doing that immediately, if not sooner.

In addition to spreading their Chinese virus all over the world the Chinese Reds have sought to corner the market on personal protection equipment  (PPE) so they would have it and the rest of us would not.

Red China wants to rule the world and is fully willing to subvert us to do that. Unfortunately there are too many socialist Americans  ready and willing to help them do just that.

So the Red Chinese government has found a willing accomplice  in all this in the vast majority of the US “news” media. Our so-called “news” media willing supports the Red Chinese line on their virus. There was a saner day when such activity might have been considered treason. No more it seems!

And the managed media also seems totally willing to support the gigantic political overreach and unconstitutional power grabs of many state governors, who, due to their small minds and lack of any real stature, are really on nothing more than huge power trips. This virus and the problems it has engendered has given them their golden opportunity to really “be important” and they ain’t about to pass that up. Whether their draconian efforts to “control” the spread of the virus or not are  totally irrelevant is beside the point. Would be potentates just love to rule, constitutionally or otherwise (and it’s mostly otherwise.).

2 thoughts on “Communist China Wants to Rule the World

  1. Dr. Jimmy, That is probably an accurate description. I recall someone in the Korean War commenting that when the Chinese Reds attacked them they killed them until the ditch in front of their gun emplacement was full of dead Chinese, yet they kept coming until they just crossed over on the bodies of their dead comrades.

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